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Sometimes I wish you could just have a conversation with your dog.  “What’s wrong?” “Are you ok?”  I mean I do talk to the dogs but in most cases if the word “treat” or “outside” is not mentioned then I might as well have talked to the wall. (It’s sort of similar to conversations with Burger King)  The past couple of days both dogs have been acting weird and depressed.  I don’t know if it’s the heat or the fact that Lexi has, without a doubt, had to scratch every part of her body or if they’re just ready for Fall.  They’ve also taken to licking the floor all of the sudden.  I’m not sure if they’re depressed or anxious or just bored.  I try to bribe them with treats and affection but to no avail.   Don’t they just look pathetic??

On another totally unrelated note, how come marriage has made me fat?!  I have probably gained 10+ pounds since I’ve been married.  It has to be the fact that I eat the same (ok, maybe larger) portions then Burger King.  It’s just not fair–he has high metabolism, is never hungry, and can actually stop eating when he’s full. I almost wish I was pregnant because that would be a great excuse.  Unfortunately the test came out negative.  Right now I’m debating whether anorexia or bulimia is the way to go to lose weight…I’m totally kidding so don’t get your pants in a wad.  I actually got SO MAD at a shirt that didn’t fit the same this morning that I threw it across the room in disgust.  Then I ate a twinkie to make myself feel better…

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This new MacBook is killing me!  I keep scrolling randomly and not having a right click is driving me CRAZY!

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This man is probably one of the most hated and loved men in our house.  My husband just absolutely hates Bob Stoops.  Not only is he the coach of of OU, one of the biggest rivals to his beloved Huskers, but he is also the man of my dreams.  Saying he’s the man of my dreams is a little overdramatic but during football season he can do no wrong.  And honestly, to me, he is a good looking man.  Pretty much everyone, especially my husband, thinks I’m nuts.  I can’t help it–he fulfills all of my needs. Other than the fact that I don’t actually know him or have never even seen him in person he is PERFECT. What is ironic about life is that in general I’m attracted to older men yet I’m married to a younger man.  What does it mean when you’re attracted to men the age of your father?  Is it mental illness?  Or am I just weird?  I won’t even tell you who’s second on “THE LIST”…you’re not ready for that.  And hey, Burger King loves Jenny McCarthy and she’s getting up there in age so we’re even.


The dogs have been nothing but BORING lately…they’re both still itchy and bitter.  I’m just ready for Fall so they can stay outside as long as they want without having a heat stroke.  And the bugs–THE BUGS, I am so ready for them to be gone…

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Sweet and innocent…

Ok, I found a picture of the “pranksters” now keep in mind three-fourths of them are innocent…but one-fourth of them are EVIL!!!!!!

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So, when you go to a private Christian school you sort of have to learn to make your own fun.  Last Saturday I was at a wedding of one of my college friends and all of us were reminiscing about some of the things we did in college…here is a top five look at the fun (no pictures of them unfortunately–I’ll just put a pic of the dogs up…)

1.  Waterballooning Make Out Victims…This one was resting solely on the location of a friends dorm room.  For some reason couples decided to make out in this circle drive that was centrally located between all of the dorms.  Since we were getting any at the time we thought we’d make their make-out experience miserable.  We proceeded to drop water balloons on the windshield of the cars and then run and hide.  As far as I know we never got caught and I guess we’re pretty lucky that we didn’t break a windshield.

2. Waterbucket…This was a really fun one that often started wars in the campus apartment complex.  You fill up a bucket (or trashcan) full of ice and water (if you’re really mean you would use kool-aid or something that stains).  You set up a chair tipped up under the door knob of the outside of someone’s apartment.  You put the bucket of ice water on the chair, knock on the door, and run.  The victim opens the door and ice water spills everywhere.  Although not damaging it generally pisses off the victim enough that it results in a prank war of some kind.  After we did this one time the night ended with an egg smashed on our window (still there to this day!) and one of the original prankers (GINNY) was fighting off two guys throwing her in a trunk…

3. Margaret Energyguide…This one is fun, but it does take some time to find the right victim.  Basically, you find someone who can make a weird voice.  Then you call people and try to get them to talk to you.  Obviously if they hang up on you, you move on to someone else.  We would stay up to all hours of the night talking to the same group of guys for hours on end.  They always suspected it was us but we were always prepared for their questioning.  It made it easier that we were calling dorm to dorm so there was no caller ID.  The only unfortunate part of this whole thing was that facebook and myspace weren’t around…


4. For Sale…This one was one of my favorites of all time and it really is a way to win a man’s heart.  We did this to Burger King and his best friend Eric.  All it requires is shoe polish and the vic’s telephone number.  Obviously you see where I’m going with this…at night when they’re tucked away into bed go out to the parking lot, find their car and write in big letters “FOR SALE” and put their telephone number on the car.  There is nothing quite like waking up to your phone ringing and someone asking “How much are you selling it for”  at least that’s what Burger King tells me…

 5.  SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY…ok, this is by far my favorite prank that we did.  It can get messy and the gross out factor can be pretty high–but it’s totally worth it if you’re the one doing it.  All you need is some red paint (we actually used bingo paint) and feminine pads and tampons.  You splotch the red paint onto the pads/tampons and then (it’s especially good if there is some sort of event going on like a banquet or something) just slap them or tie them on to cars on campus or at that event.  We did it while a club was having a banquet so that they could all come out and see the lovely surprise awaiting them.  There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a car driving down the street and seeing a “bloody” pad rolling around on their hubcap.  The best is watching a guy trying to pull one off without touching the paint…

Good clean fun…nothing like it!  SGC FOR LIFE!

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Sunday morning’s usually consist of two important things:  church and the Target ad.  This weekend was no different.  Burger King had been talking about buying a new television from where he works because he gets a discount well it just so happened that Target had the same television for CHEAPER than he could get.   I showed him, mainly to prove the point that it was in fact CHEAPER than he could get it.  He took that to mean that I wanted the television. His argument for getting this tv was “What better way to start off Shark Week than with a new HD tv.” Oh, I was SO sold with that statement.  Needless to say 2 hours later there’s a gigantic tv sitting in our living room.  Between you and me I really do love it…

The dogs were really getting in to the action…

Here’s the television in action (as you will note Shark Week actually didn’t make an appearance on our television last night–He LIED!)

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 Look at this little guy.  He was in our backyard last night.  I noticed him hanging out on the fence and thought, hmm that’s an odd place for a leaf to be.  Well, obviously it’s not a leaf.  It’s called an Io Moth.  I wish I had a picture of his wings spread–he’s one of those that have “eyes” under his wings. I tried looking for him this morning but he obviously got sick of me poking him with a stick.  The bright yellow pretty ones are the men and the drab ugly brown ones are the females.  Another fun fact is that once the females lay their eggs they find a place to die.  (that’s from wikipedia so it’s concrete)  Poor woman, the man has all of the fun and once the woman’s work is done she’s GONE!  











On another note, I received an Apple MacBook yesterday from work.  This is all new to me.  What kind of fun can I have on this thing?  I really know nothing about Mac based systems opposed to Windows based.  I went from a five year old Dell Laptop to this.  








I mean I did do this with IPhoto…it’s pretty advanced so I don’t want you all to be too jealous…

You see it’s antiqued.  Please control your jealousy, thank you.

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Swatter’ you doin’…

Hiding from the fly swatter

Hiding from the fly swatter

There’s nothing quite so cathartic as the sound of a fly swatter killing flies, just ask Lexi.  For some reason she has come to associate the sound of a fly swatter with all of the beatings we gave her as a puppy(KIDDING!) Some how no less than 3,000 flies and God knows how many mosquitoes have infested our house.  Any suggestions on how to get rid of mosquitoes in the house?   There’s nothing more appetizing while fixing dinner than flies buzzing around your food.  This morning as I was getting ready there was one fly watching me get ready and another one providing a nice sound track around my head.  Although, the one buzzing around my head was using up the last bit of energy before his time was up. He died of natural causes (RIP McFly 7/24/08-7/25/08)  Well, when bugs are the highlight of your night you know it was a thriller! 

Sadie’s Compromising Positions…

I’m going to be real with you here, Sadie’s a slut.  Need proof?









Ok, so they were fighting but some of them looked a little disturbing…especially the last one. 

And since I hardly post any pics of me I’m going to post a blurry picture of Lexi and I

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Burger King’s grandma bought us all of our really nice living room furniture.  Well, the couch seems to be the perfect platform for the dogs to fight on.  Here are the videos of the dogs going nutso this morning and while I should have stopped them I just couldn’t help it. 

And just ignore all of the debris that you see through the video–sometimes it’s easier to not clean!

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Dairy Queens…

It’s summer in Oklahoma and the poor dogs cannot last more than 10 minutes outside without having a heat stroke (figuritively speaking of course).  We thought the dogs were getting a bit jealous of our fudge pops so we decided to give in and get them FROSTY PAWS!  I know it’s a total waste of money and I was actually hiding it in shame behind my other purchases.  I guess I shouldn’t be ashamed–I LOVE MY DOGS DANG IT and I’ll spoil them if I want to.  They of course loved it and we loved giving it to them…Can you guess who finished first?? 











I know a little how Michael Scott felt from The Office when he grilled his foot in his George Foreman grill…I cooked my ear in my Chi straightner.  There’s nothing quite like the smell of burning flesh in the morning to get your day started off right. But hey, at least my hair looks good.  Coming up some awesome video on my dogs on speed…

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