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(fyi it’s A slut if you’re confused…hehe…I’m immature)

We went to Tulsa this Saturday/Sunday morning for maybe the most random day ever.  We hopped in the car with Eric and Aunt Lauren and headed up there.  We stopped to see Ginny for a few minutes and then we were on our way to the hotel.  Then we headed to the University of Tulsa football game.  That’s sort of the random part.  The men wanted to go to a college football game and since they’re only like $20 a pop we chose that game. We have about zero interest in the University of Tulsa or the opposing team.  I was dressed like it was winter and our seats were facing directly into the sun.  Needless to say I had sweat dripping down my crack before kickoff.  I’m pretty sure the “seats” were meant for stick figures because I know when I sit down I spread like peanut butter.  This dumb guy (who was late I might add) came in and said, “Excuse me ladies we have seats 8, 9, and 10”  Like we were taking his seats–we weren’t!  My sweaty crack was right on the 7!  (TMI?!)

Sometimes God is gracious enough to give you the gift of blogger fodder (am I using that word correctly???)  Let me introduce you to this guy:


He’s the overly enthusiastic, I’m going to yell stuff even if it doesn’t make sense guy.  Here’s some of his gems:

“You’re supposed to blow the whistle not swallow it!”

“I’ve heard better calls on a 1-800 line”

“I’ve heard better calls on the Jerry Lewis show” (That one we weren’t too sure what he meant exactly.  We’re thinking it was in reference to the telethon unless there’s a Jerry Lewis show that we’re unaware of)

That was pretty much the jist of the weekend.  Aunt Lauren and I did notice something about Tulsa.  It looks like their hayday was during the 70’s.  It sort of looks like Mike Brady did most building designs for Tulsa.  Have I said Tulsa enough?  Tulsa–Tulsa–TULSA!

Lexi and Sadie met their cousin yesterday. I was to worried about an attack to take pictures dangit.  A name has been bestowed upon him. I gave him (my brother not the dog) all your suggestions but he is hard headed and had his mind made up.  The pups name is (drumroll please)


Not necessarily the best name but MUCH better than Obama.  Sadie’s in love with him and Lexi pretty much is pretending he doesn’t exist.


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This post is going to be random and have no direction.  I hope you’re up for the ride! 

The puppy has yet to be named–I’ll keep you updated.  I know you all are on pins and needles…

Dreams, dreams, dreams…Last night I had about 5 different things all join together in force to create a super dream.  I dreamt I was on a dating show to try to win a date with Josh Gates (he hosts that show “Destination Truth” don’t judge that I watch that!) and we were in Alaska. 

Dream Guy

Dream Guy

Only I was there with my husband and another guy and another girl.  Well we had to fly to a different destination so we took a crop duster (are you still with me??!) from Alaska to Oklahoma. That sounds logical right?  What a coincidence that’s where I live!  Well as we were flying this cropduster, with like 6 people in it mind you, we passed over this farm land.  Apparently we were close enough to terra firma that I could see people’s faces.  Lo and behold I recognized a guy from “The Pioneer Woman’s” website and I got so excited that I now knew where she lived.  I’m really not that psychotic where I’d stalk someone…ok…that’s a lie.  I would stalk people but in a safe, long distance type of way.  That’s about when Sadie woke me up scratching at the bedroom door.  Dumb, stupid dog…I wonder if Josh would have picked me…

If you all have free time (don’t we all have oodles of it?!) then go visit this panda cam.  I was obsessed with the first baby, Mei Lan, and now there’s a new one!  So, go there, at least after reading this blog.

FInally–some Sadie video.  She has this thing where when she’s frustrated she moves her dog bed from one area of the room to another.  You’ll get what I’m saying when you see it.  It cracks us up but she doesn’t seem to think it’s funny…

She was busted–she’ll normally do it for 5 or so minutes but obviously she’s camera shy!


woo…I’m exhausted…

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FIrst, I apologize for all of the people who’ve searched “Harry and the Henderson’s costume”  You’ve come to the wrong place…


I would like to introduce a new member to the extended family…

I am going to call him “no name” because my brother can’t figure out what to call him–and his choices thus far are AWFUL.  Last night the name he thought of was, Obama–now, nothing against the man but what an AWFUL dog name.  And he’s not an Obama–he’s more of a Winston or Popeye.  Please, PLEAAAASE give me suggestions!  If he names him Obama then I’m calling him McCain (just to irritate him–my brother, not the dog) Anyways, someone had dropped this precious pooch in my bro’s friend’s backyard.  And he is skin and bones.  Poor thing.  He won’t be for long though…

He’ll be meeting his cousins, Lexi and Sadie, this weekend which I can’t lie I’m a bit nervous about.  How do you go about introducing dogs?  Is it going to be weird since they’re two fixed females and he’s a non fixed male?  I don’t know…I need Cesar–HELP ME CESAR!!!

I feel like I could super-impose a picture of the American flag behind Lexi and it would look totally natural and patriotic. She loves America…

Lastly, does anyone else have THIS problem with shoes:

I feel like I might as well be walking around on a piece of wood with a nail in the bottom.  I know you can get them fixed but I think mine are beyond repair.  I wonder why I have knee and hip problems??!!  Where can you get cheap, cute shoes?  Anyone??  ANYONE??!!!

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Good Grief…

For some reason my lovely friend Ginny decided to tag me to list six random facts that you may or may not know (or care) about me.  Here they go…

1.  I refuse to look at myself when I’m brushing my teeth.  I’m not sure where or why this started but I cannot look at myself directly in the mirror while brushing my teeth.  Normally I’ll just stand sideways until I’m done.

2. I didn’t get my license until I was 21 (or 22 I can’t remember).  I used to be terrified of driving and could not bring myself to get a license.  I guess it would be like being afraid of spiders or heights.  I’m over that fear but I still HATE driving and BK drives anywhere we go. 

3. I cannot stand jeans.  I wear them when I have to, otherwise it’s sweatpants.  I know, my husband’s so lucky!

4.  My mom ran over our 18 year old cat Sissy in the driveway in front of all of the children.  All of the kids were out playing, including some neighbor kids, and Sissy happened to be laying in an oil slick on the driveway.  Darkness + black cat + oil slick=dead cat.  We still give my mom a hard time and tell her she was just getting Sissy out of her misery.  She was a bit senile at the age of 18.

5.  Lettuce has a taste.  Everyone I talk to disagrees with me but I hate lettuce because it has a gross taste.  Everytime I tell someone that they say “You can’t taste lettuce.” I CAN TASTE LETTUCE!  Also, I pretty much hate any condiment out there.  My only condiment is white gravy. 

6.  When I was about 5 years old I had pneumonia so bad that I was in the hospital for about a week.  My white cell count (I think it was that) was so low that they thought I had leukemia.  Luckily I did not and I was released a couple of days later.  Funny little aside to that–I told my dad that I didn’t feel good at all and that I was hot (this was before I made it to the hospital) and he told me it “was just a little cold…”  Finally when my mom saw I had a 105 degree fever it was time to go to the hospital.

Ok, that’s all.  Not very interesting but I HAD to do it.  Ok now it’s my turn to tag people…I tag The Pioneer Woman, Dooce, and The Bloggess.  Hehehe—I’m KIDDING.  I’m not tagging anyone.  You’re welcome!

This morning was so nice!  I could actually see my breath when I first went outside!  The dogs LOVE this time of year!  Emily, here’s some pictures of the dogs for Cason!

I’ve found Lexi’s best angle!  She looks thin in this pic!

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It is very good to know that I’m not the only one who spoils my dogs!  And it sounds like I don’t even win in the spoiling game!  And I guess I need to start including stories of the neighborhood cats, since a lot of you are cat people!  Well, there’s a three-legged white one, one that craps in my flower garden (well flower graveyard is more like it) and there’s one that I almost ran over. 

Last night I was thinking about this post.  I do have an even MORE embarrassing story that I’m going to tell and it’s only because I love you all dearly. 

Picture a sweet, little 5th grader, me, enjoying story time.  I’m not sure if it was story time but it was something where all the children were gathered on the floor.  I must have had Mexican food the night before or something to that effect.  We were all enjoying the story…then it happened.  Out of no where a loud, thunderous sound came out from me.  In essecence I had passed gas, cut the cheese, broke wind…however you say it–I DID IT!  Now, this is fifth grade folks–it’s a make or break time for social order!  It didn’t help that the kid sitting next to me yelled “Ewww she farted…”  I think I blacked out what happened after that.  I don’t think I ever owned up to it.  And I think the only person who knew that story before today was my husband.  It still makes my cheeks red and brings a bit of a hot flash over me.  I would ask you to share your embarrassing stories but I’m not that cruel.  (But feel free if you want to!)

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While on the phone with my mother on Saturday this was the tug-at-your-heartstrings conversation we had:

Mom:  So, what did you do today?

Me:  Well, I almost broke my toe and went to Hobby Lobby…

Mom:OH, what were you at Hobby Lobby for?

No sympathy for my toe…

This morning at church…
MOM:  How are you?

Me:  Oh, I guess I’m ALRIGHT…my toe’s fine thank you…

MOM:  (looking at wrong foot) Oh, yeah it does look purple

Me:  That’s the WRONG foot! (looking down at wrong foot) oh, it does look bruised…that would actually be DIRT that I forgot to wash off, or possibly dog poop.

I’m one classy lady folks!!

PS I really do love my mom she’s the best lady out there…

Speaking of dirt:

Don’t you love it when dogs have incriminating evidence on them but they’re clueless?  And I can’t leave Sadie out…

I love the way her ears flop.  So, I talk about my dogs all the time–tell me about your dogs!  What kind do you have?  How do you spoil them?

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I’m just going to give you one sentence.  Well, after this sentence-(wait now we’re up to two, DANGIT)

Today I almost broke my toe tripping over the pooper scooper in the backyard. 

Dogs take over…

Enjoying the SUN

Tolerating the rain

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