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Unfortunately the dogs are idiots and can’t sit still for more than 5 seconds.  That in combination of horrible lighting equals bad pictures.  I’ll post the most decent ones and then we’re going to try again this weekend.

So do not adjust your monitors or eyes–a few of these are a little blurry!  Sit back, relax and enjoy the dogs…

A flower and a bee…

Lexi’s costume only fit around her neck and her little hat didn’t fit at all.  Next year the minute I see a double-x it’s hers. 

Sadie’s hat was WAY too big but the little bee suit was too small.  They need to make dog costumes like mix and match bathing suits.  Some dogs upper half is smaller than their bottom half! (Just like mama!)

I mainly posted the picture above to show you I did in fact set up a little photo shoot area.  And I think Sadie’s trying to imitate the ghost behind her.

Now this is a pic from a couple of years ago.  Might be my favorite Sadie picture EVER!

Sadie the dino!! Just ignore my fat face…

Now a trip down memory lane…

Yeah that’s right–I was a ballerina!  Or whatever that costume is…all I know is I was ROCKING that wig.  I found out this year that my mom had pretty much trashed all of our Halloween costumes because they “melted.”  I was totally going to wear that wig again but alas it wasn’t meant to be…

Awww…look at my sweet brothers…still wearing the same costume.  I think I may have worn that costume 3 or 4 years in a row.  But look how good I look!  How could I not?!

The Candy Barter…and fyi I just LOVE my brothers face in the background.  And please don’t be hatin’ on the gold, shag carpet. 

And I must really like you all to post this picture.  Look at that sexy saloon girl.  I think I thought I was hot stuff.  And yes, what saloon costume isn’t complete with a pair of black flats with a big bow on the front of them?!

Remember when Halloween costumes looked like this?

And last but certainly not least…my favorite costume of mine ever.  It was all my husband’s idea–I give him FULL credit.  We were walking through a sporting goods store and we walked out with this…

Yes, I did walk around with a goose on my head all night.  In fact there were two of us–Ginny and I–who did.  And our friend dressed up as a hunter. By the way I wore the blue jacket to signify water.  I think that was my husband’s proudest night of me.

What was YOUR favorite costume?  If not yours–what’s the best one you’ve ever seen?!

I hope everyone has a SAFE and FUN Halloween!  Giveaway coming up Monday!

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Last night I finally had time to catch up on some DVR action.  I’m trying to clear it out to gear up for the 7 hour Ghost Hunters Live Hunt!  I know–I’m totally awesome and my Halloween is going to be WAY more fun than yours.  I decided to watch the shows that I’m not allowed to watch when the hubby’s home.  He absolutely HATES medical shows and can’t watch anything pertaining to any type of medical abnormality or weird diagnosis.  He automatically assumes he has the disease and then he gets paranoid and annoying.  I guess some might call him a hypochondriac. 

I finally got to watch the documentary on The Tree Man.  I don’t know if you all have heard about him but it is a man who has warts that grow and grow and grow and they end up looking like tree roots.  Here’s a picture of him (if you’re easily squeamish turn away):

I feel so bad for him.  I was thinking last night as I watched this–I guess being ten pounds overweight isn’t so bad after all.  He seemed like a nice enough man.  The main reason he wanted these off of him wasn’t because of people staring and talking about him it was because he wanted to make money to support his family.  Well this of course prompted a conversation with the hubby when he came home:

Me: So, what if I was like the tree man and had warts like that?

BK:  What do you mean?

Me:  I mean would you divorce me or could you stay with me?

BK:  Ummm…hmmm…Ye–no, I think I’d have to divorce you.  I would have the hardest time not just ripping those warts off of you. 

So, Sadie woke me up this morning clawing at the bedroom door.  I let her out in the living room and just sat there and she panted and panted and panted right in my face.  I told her to buzz off and she did.  And then she peed–all over the spare bedroom floor.  And when I say all over I mean it was a puddle the size of the Atlantic Ocean.  Only it didn’t smell like ocean water–it smelled like cheerios…

Yeah, that’s what she gets for peeing on the floor–a picture with her eyes closed!  PAYBACK!

Can you tell I was holding her precious stick?

Lexi can do no wrong…she’s perfect…

except five minutes after this pic was taken she tried to kill a rottweiler outside the fence. 


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I hate it when I’m at work and I actually have to do work. It’s such a drag…

And this post is so disjointed–much like I’m feeling today!

Does anyone else watch The Biggest Loser?  First of all–don’t get me started with the Blue team.  I love Bob but his team is annoying.  My main reason for bringing up Biggest Loser though is their horrible, awful product placement.  I don’t think it could possibly get more OBVIOUS.  It drives me crazy.  And the worst ones they do is for Extra.  Let me tell you when I’m starving for a snack the first thing I think of is GUM.  Give me a break…(give me a break.  Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar! Yeah that’s what I really want when I’m hungry!  A Kit Kat bar!)

Good news-I found the advent calendar online! 

Target Advent Calendar!

I’m going to go with the Target gift card and whoever wants to use it to buy the advent calendar can buy it online!  I’ll do that contest next week so gear up! 

It’s really too bad I don’t get paid by all of these people that I’ve mentioned in the last few days.  You know I really LOVE Mercedes and Apple computers and Manolo Blahniks (did I even spell that right?! ha)

Does anyone else have trouble spelling simple names.  I can never remember how to spell Jonathan (is it an “a” or an “o”) or Jennifer (one or two “n’s” one or two “f’s”?).  Such a tough day I’m having…

Since you all missed them yesterday, without further ado, THE PUPS!

Contrast Spring Afternoons:

With Fall Mornings:

Is it just me or is Sadie laying on the attitude a little thick in this picture?

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Went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday.  You would think by going to a pumpkin patch I would end up with a bunch of pictures of pumpkins.  Not the case here–in fact I don’t think I have ONE picture of a pumpkin.  Not even the pathetic excuses of pumpkins I came home with.  It’s sort of sucky going the weekend before Halloween.  Not a huge selection of pumpkins.  I don’t know if I’ve said the word pumpkin enough…pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin.  Needless to say ours were GREEN.  I think they were trying to pull them off as “designer” pumpkins but I’m pretty sure they were just pumpkins that were pulled to early.  It was either a green pumpkin or one that was oozing some sort pumpkin blood. 

But I digress…ON WITH THE SHOW!

First up–hay turkey. This is the point where the boys were saying “OH MY GOSH do we have to take pictures of EVERYTHING?!”  And as pictured below–yes, yes we did…

Next the Corn Maze (or is it Corn Maize–haha I crack myself up!)

Clearly having trouble getting through it…

Luckily, we opened our mouths wide enough and found the way…

Still mouth is wide open.  And yes I’m wearing sweatpants–I always wear sweatpants even if jeans are more socially acceptable.

And the boys slowly made their way…

Next up-HAY BALES!

I have to be honest here–the hay bale kind of blended in with the ground and I thought my husband had turned into a giant.  I mean look at him compared to that little old lady behind him.  He’s huge!

If you look closely at that kids face he was SO jealous of the air I got in that jump.  Either that or he was wondering how someone that old could act so immature. 

Yeah, sweatpants and hay don’t mesh well together. 

Finally, we spent a lot of time with the animals…

There’s goats…

And future goat fries.

And Wilbur…

My husband, the Sheep Whisperer

And finally, this scary guy…

I think he’s an alpaca (I’m sure you all know!) but he didn’t look happy and he looked like he was going to spit at me so naturally I took a picture and ran.

But now I have an IMPORTANT question–if I could not find the advent calendar to give away would a Target gift card suffice?!  My husband said that it is not nearly as good as an advent calendar but I have to disagree–I mean not EVERYONE even celebrates Christmas!  Give me some feedback please!

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…and to also see if he could change his name to Edward.  He said yes to the vampire thing but a definite no on the Edward thing.  He’s so good at compromise!  I fell into the trap of Twilight–I don’t know why I let myself do this.  I resisted Harry Potter but there was just something about a vampire love story that appealed to me so much.  I gave in when Aunt Lauren asked me to read it so I could go to the movie with her. And when Aunt Lauren asks you to do something–you do it.  That’s pretty much all I did this weekend.  I won’t give any spoilers away but I do highly recommend it.  Although it is really, REALLY weird how Bella turns into a goat at the end.

My father-in-law was here for part of the weekend.  He was here to relax which involved him redoing our siding, putting in a new shower head and he had already had the sheets washed and put back on his bed before he left on Saturday.   Doesn’t that sound relaxing? If any of you want to come to our house to “relax” we have a few other chores that need to be done.  We had a lot of fun and we were SO glad he came!  Like I’ve always said–my in-laws are the BEST!  

Friday night we went to POPS on Route 66.  It’s just a few minutes from our house and it’s fun!  You have over 500 pops to choose from.  (Just know that being from Oklahoma it’s really hard for me to type “pop” and not “coke.”)

There’s the giant pop bottle that greets you.  I’m not sure if it’s the largest in the nation–but it’s got to be close!

This picture I’m pretty sure should be getting me a call from POPS to see if they can use it.  I know, it’s beautiful.  (ha!) This is the gas station/restaurant/soda holder. 

The wall of pop…it’s usually sort of a fight in this area.  I’m usually tempted to elbow small children when they get in my way here.  I have no patience, that my friends, is why I have no children. 

So, let me run down how my “change of lifestyle” went this weekend…

Thursday-Papa Johns pizza

Friday-Chili’s for dinner (On the way there I claimed I was just getting chicken enchilada soup–yeah that didn’t happen)

Saturday-leftover pizza and Chinese–and I don’t even LIKE Chinese food!

Sunday-Taco Bell

Interspersed through the weekend was about 6 bottles of pop, half a BIG bag of M&M’s and Funyuns.  Needless to say I’m drinking SlimFast as I type this.

But do you know who didn’t judge me?  Yeah, you know…

Coming up tomorrow…my trip to the pumpkin patch.

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But exercise YOUR right to vote…in Dogsters 4th Annual “The World’s Coolest Dog and Cat Show!”   Just click on the pictures below to vote.  As far as I can tell, you can vote as many times as you want.  I have about 7,000,000 pictures of them to go through but I got lazy and just picked the ones that first came to mind. 

This one is for the “Best Friend” Category: 
dog photo contest

This is for the “Costume” Category:

Please vote for Lexi at The 4th Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show

This is for the “Smiles and Grins” Category: 

Please vote for Lexi at The 4th Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show

 This is for the “Ball or Frisbee Player” Category:

Please vote for Sadie at The 4th Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show

I’m pretty sure they won’t win because they’re both rejects but hey–it’s worth a shot!  Ok, they’re not rejects–they’re perfect!

I thought about entering this one for the Best Friend Category:

But I thought the judges might get the wrong impression!

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I was tagged by Jennie (by the way everytime I go to her blog I want to sing “Jitterbug snap snap snap Jitterbug)  to do the 7 things about me.  Well, you all have heard about 21 random things about me.  I’m not complaining though–I am always tagged on the right days when I have zero to talk about.  So I’m just going to ramble off a list of 7 things.  Just the first seven things that pop into my head.  (Do you like how I interchangeably use the number 7 and the word seven?!) Ok, here it goes:

1.  I am avoiding going to the eye doctor.  It’s really gotten to the point where I desperately need to go but I hate being judged–and the condition my contacts are in I WILL be judged.

2. In 9th grade I smashed my left index finger with a weight.  I was helping this girl get a 50 or 75 pound weight off of the leg press and she was smart and let go of it.  I on the other hand thought I could handle that weight and the weight just slammed my finger between it and another weight.  I have two favorite quotes from that day.  I went up to my teacher (when my finger was CLEARLY broken) and said, “I think I hurt my finger.” I think it had cut off my nerves where it didn’t hurt.  My other fave was my doctor saying, “I don’t THINK we’re going to have to amputate the tip.” What the heck?  Since when was amputation even an option?!  It still is deformed to this day. 

3.  My dogs annoyed me this morning.  I wish they could just sleep past like 5:30 for ONCE in their lives.

Lexi’s tail will NEVER go down–so any shot of her from behind you’re going to see something inappropriate.  I’m sorry–that’s just the way she is–inappropriate!

This is Sadie sniffing my pants.  Anytime I come home it’s like I’ve got a large brown tumor on my leg because she won’t leave me alone. 

4. I drove by a gas station this morning and it was $2.09.  If I see gas for $1.99 or lower I’m taking a picture.  Oklahoma is good for something–cheap gas. 

5.  When I was maybe a freshman in high school I challenged a guy to an eating contest.  We each ordered a large pizza and the first one to finish it (I didn’t know that was part of the stipulation at the time, I thought it was just who ate more) would win.  Well, he BARELY beat me by like half a slice.  I had totally burned the top of my mouth and to be honest within 30 minutes I was hungry again.  Well, I found out when we were both seniors that he had in fact lost because he threw up all night.  Oh, and he let me know this in front of our church congregation of about 2,000 people on “Senior night” where we do the service.  It was my father’s most embarrassing moment. 

6. My dad is the most quick witted man I know.  We usually will go back and forth insulting each other until one of us gets the last word.  It’s our strange way of saying “I Love You!”

7.  My husband is younger than me by a year.  I never notice it because he usually does the more grown up things.  Also our birthdays are two weeks apart so for 2 weeks we’re the same age! 

Ok, this list was just thrilling!  I hope everyone has a great weekend and maybe, just maybe I’ll try to find another one of those advent calendars and give it away.  How does THAT sound?!

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God humbles people in so many ways.  In my case anytime I’m feeling good about myself he makes me make a total and complete fool out of myself.  Luckily in most cases it’s just in front of me, myself, and I or occasionally my husband.  I do dumb stuff all of the time–like A LOT.  I like to blame it on bad depth perception but my husband thinks differently.  A couple of things come to mind when thinking of dumb things I’ve done (I know you’re thinking–a couple?!  I know I’ve read at least 10 dumb things you’ve done!):

  • On numerous occassions I have been at a vending machine and bent down to get my snack out of the bottom and I hit my head on the glass part of the vending machine.  The amazing thing is, I have done this more than once.  I just DON’T LEARN!
  • On my way to meet my now husband for a date I was walking through the parking lot and glanced for maybe a milli-second to one side and as I turned back I ran smack dab into the side of a truck.
  • And last night might have been the kicker.  I’m pretty sure my husband was questioning marrying me at the moment he turned and saw what I had done.  You see, I was vacuuming the couches to get the dog hair off because his dad is coming to our house this weekend.  I was leaning over to do something and I got a little close to the hose with the attachment.  My husband looked over only to see his wife, with her hair caught in the attachment.  And it HURT!  I thought I was going to have a huge bald spot from hair being ripped out.  He didn’t even feel sorry for me–he just shook his head and kept saying, “Oh MY gosh…” Am I the only one that’s done that?!! Please tell me I’m not!

I went to Target again last night–I had to.  I bought this cute advent calendar.  Even the cashier (who was a teenage boy) thought it was neat!  Granted he had no idea what an advent calendar was but he still liked it.

Sadie is doing very well!  Thanks for all of your kind words…I let her read them last night and her heart was touched.  Lexi is still bitter that no one cares about her but she can talk it out with her therapist.  I did catch these two in the middle of something yesterday that you may find revolting.

It starts off sweet and innocent:

Then it gets out of hand:

Geez, get a room!

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Everytime Sadie has a seizure I’m going to try to think of a creative way to fit it into the title.  Yes, that does mean she did have another one yesterday.  I get a “frantic”–frantic to my husband is actually asking me to come home as opposed to taking care of it by himself–call from my husband at lunch time telling me precious little Sadie was having a REALLY bad seizure.  So, I rush home so we can take her to the vet.  I get home and go through the back door because she’s apparently blocking the door through the garage.  Well as I walk through our gate there comes Sadie running up to me.  It’s amazing to me how quickly they’re out of it and then come back to.  We rush her to the vet just so he can take a look at her. 

On the way to the vet

On the way to the vet

Poor vet, he rushed back from lunch to see her because one of his nurses had told him that a seizure dog was coming in and he thought it was a BIG one.  He blabs for a little while and takes a look at her.  Diagnoses her with epilepsy and suggests that she gets on phenobarbital.  (Which a few of you suggested the other day!)  He writes out a prescription and suggests a pharmacy where I go because APPARENTLY some pharmacists think it’s a little fishy when someone comes in for an addictive drug and it’s prescribed to their dog!  The vet explains how this stuff is addictive and how we should not take it.  All I’m picturing is the husband and I walking in and seeing Sadie trying to get to the pills to get her “fix.” 

And we were laughing (I laugh at everything apparently) because her prescription bottle said Sadie Dog (last name).   Can you guess who was jealous of all the attention Sadie was getting?  Yes, Lexi…

Ok, enough dog talk…

I’m a little scared, this was in my “search terms”: my husband chained me the whole day. If you searched that and need help please let me know!  I have ZERO idea how that came to my site–my husband has never chained me to anything at least without me asking him to! Kidding!

Why do I torture myself and go into Target?  Especially when Christmas stuff is slowly trickling out.  And why oh why do I feel the need to want to buy everything that is red and green that has a snowman or Santa on it?  Target has ahold of my heart and it’s not letting go…here’s the link to their Christmas stuff if you’re interested.

Lastly but not Leastly, Dr. Wifey gave me an award!  Dr. Wifey is a great blog–she’s funny and charming and she looks great in a little black dress! (She may be regretting giving me this after this boring post!)

The rules are that you’re supposed to pick five people and then link back to the Scholastic Scribe blog about it and Mr. Linky your blog and then link to five other people.  I can’t pick five people so if you’d like to participate or if any part of your name has a vowel then grab this award and run with it!

Another winner today folks!

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The title really has nothing to do with anything.  Well, it has to do with SOMETHING but nothing that I’m going to blog about. 

First, I would like to point out that I did in fact spell conundrum right but I apparently put quiet where I meant to put quite. Thank you for pointing out my mistake.  I apologize for that–but that’s not going to be the last time that happens.  And you’ll probably see affect where effect is supposed to be and too where two is supposed to be and their where there or they’re is supposed to be.  Unfortunately I majored in marketing not English!  Although, if you ask my husband he’ll tell you how much I love to correct his grammar.  Keep correcting me though–it keeps me human.

I saw this hilarious Sonic commercial at church on Sunday.  (We were having a sermon on media affecting morals.  My church is *NOT* sponsored by Sonic.  Although that would be cool, but probably wrong in some way.) I think I missed the point–I don’t see anything morally wrong with it–in fact I think it’s hilarious and it makes me WANT to go buy Sonic.  Route 44 Cherry Limeade please…

What’s your favorite Sonic drink?

I kept thinking about it yesterday and giggling.  Mainly because I’m sure it’s what my husband is thinking but he’s too kind to say it.  Only instead of him saying “It’s just visible in the sun” he would say “You can only see it in dim lighting, candle light, and pretty much in pitch black. But it’s cute–it adds character.”

Last night I had to throw 3 pumpkin displays I had outside.  They were really cute–the pumpkin was hollowed out and then you put a mum inside of it. I guess you’re supposed to actually water the mums and eventually take them out of the rotting pumpkins.  The mums were basically like straw and  well, let’s just say I picked a pumpkin up to throw away and the bottom had turned into pumpkin butter.  Who knew pumpkins could liquefy on their own! 

Sorry, this post is lame-o…maybe some dog pictures can salvage it.

Nope!  They were pretty lame-o themselves! Have a great Tuesday!

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