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So I’ve had off since last Tuesday and aside from a little bit of shopping and wrapping I’ve been doing nothing.  When I say I’ve been doing nothing I mean literally sitting in the same chair, watching television and maybe on a good day hopping on to check out Perez…This is why I can’t stay at home–it’s like the more time I have the LESS I do! 

What I’m trying to say is I’m sorry for being lazy and not returning blog visits and blah blah blah…But today I’m turning over a new leaf.  On top of sitting, watching television and visiting Perez I will visit you all! 


(The television adds such a lovely touch of Christmas ambiance)

So how was everyone’s holidays?  Mine was great!  My husband got me Photoshop Elements 7 and after about 20 minutes on it I’m pretty much an expert.  If you want any tips just ask away.  Ok, that’s a complete lie. But I do know how to make my pictures look  BETTER so that’s a step.  My parents got me a wireless scanner/printer/copier so I plan to find some GREAT old pictures and put them up on here!  Lucky you all!

So, I have a question:

What was your favorite thing you GAVE?? 

 I think mine is a tie between the calendar I made for my dad of the dogs or what we got hubby’s mother which she hasn’t received yet so it’s a secret. hehe, hahaha…

I thought I’d save my bitter rant when I’m not talking about the magic of Christmas so I’ll spare you the vile and hate til tomorrow!  Instead I’ll leave you with some pictures of the dogs. 


Lexi’s back side–probably her best side!


I think Sadie was worried that she wasn’t getting anything from Santa.


sadieboneSanta did visit them!  And unfortunately these were polished off in about an hour.  They were actually supposed to last at least two days.  Needless to say the next day was a smelly one.  Have a great Monday everyone!

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My stomach.  My poor, poor stomach. 

I love Mexican food, LOVE it.  I could probably eat it at every meal and be okay with it. 

Well, I tested that theory this weekend.  Didn’t have the results I was hoping for.  Turns out you can’t eat Mexican food for four straight meals.  My stomach is thanking me for it this morning by punching me.  Although this morning I have this weird sensation of being hungry and my stomach being upset.  I better go find a brownie or something to even out those feelings. 

Advice for the day:  When you say, “I could eat [insert genre of food here] for every meal.” You really can’t–it’s a lose-lose situation for all of those involved.  I think my husband was ready to shove two bean-o down my throat.  So there’d bean-o more gas…

Speaking of eating the same thing over and over (Am I the only one who feels sorry for dogs that they have to eat the same stinking thing daily?)


Sadie just LOVES being close to her sister!


“Maybe if I close my eyes I’ll wake up and this will all be a dream…”


“Nope, still there…”

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Don’t you hate it when work overtakes your life?!  Me TOO!  Here in about 4 days I’m going to be free–free as a BIRD!  At least for two weeks…

Does everyone have their holiday shopping done? ME EITHER! Ok, you all probably actually do but the deadly combo or procrastination and laziness has over taken me!  I haven’t done a whole lot of shopping but I’ve done a lot of hint dropping.  “Sadie hasn’t eaten almost ALL of my underwear, I need more underwear preferably from Victoria’s Secret!!!”  “My neck hurts so bad every morning from my pillow, I WISH I had a pillow like yours…” “My pictures would look SOO much better with Photoshop!”  We’ll see how many hints he picks up on–considering he never picked up on any hints that I LIKED him before we dated I doubt these obvious hints will get through to him. 

I have been so out of blog mentality that I can’t even think of anything to write!  So I’m just going to spew pictures on here and maybe I’ll be inspired…doubtful…


Did I just blow your mind?  Yeah, that’s the moon and I took it’s picture!


img_1208The man on the moon was giving me his best side that night–I believe he is MOONing me!  Come on–that’s GOLD people, GOLD!

Sadie had a photo shoot last night with a scarf…


sadiescarf1I’d say she looks pretty happy about the whole situation!

And I don’t know if you know this, but Elvis is ALIVE! 


Lexi could pretty much care less…


She doesn’t need a scarf to tell her she’s beautiful!

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I keep making all these empty promises to visit ya’ll and then life happens.  Too much to do this time of year!! I’m sure I’m sure I’m not alone in the empty promise department!  I hope upon all hopes you all forgive me–and I will be around to visit you all today…(Now you all can wonder is she REALLY going to or is this just another fluff promise?!) 

So Friday I heard a package being left on our porch–I thought OH YES my shoes DID make it after all!  It wasn’t them though.  It was something even BETTER!  I did a Secret Santa exchange that the GREAT Georgie put on.  It was the gift from my Secret Santa!  And I don’t know if she got me–I’ll let you be the judge…



First of all bag with animals?!  umm YES that’s totally me 🙂 haha


Tootsie Rolls and Skittles–two of my faves! 

A book of funny cartoons about dogs and cats–AWESOME!

The Ten Commandments of Dogs


Read them if you can–especially if you have a dog!  Made me tear up a few times!


This cute little Santa decoration!

And finally the real tear jerker for me…


A donation to the Humane Society in Sadie and Lexi’s name!  They were totally honored and loved the blanket that came along with it!

What I’m trying to say is the gift could not have been ANY more perfect!  So, THANK YOU SECRET SANTA–whoever you are!


And they thank you too Secret Santa for the donation on their behalf!

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I was SO excited yesterday because the shoes I ordered from Target were going to be on MY doorstep last night when I got home from work.

Were they?

Of course not.   The UPS tracker SAID they were on my porch but I looked everywhere–even on the BACK porch just to be sure.


No sign of shoes or a shipment ANYWHERE!!!  I am pretty certain someone stole the target box off our porch.  Who would do that? At Christmas?  And let me just say, if someone DID steal it I hope it was a guy.  Because now he’s the proud owner of two, count them, TWO pairs of lovely size 5 1/2 women’s shoes. 

I’m thinking I want to set up a sting with a camera hidden somewhere.  Although, if someone was stealing packages off my porch then I’m pretty sure a camera would be stolen too! 

Has anyone ever had a package stolen off their porch? Or have your packages been sent to the wrong address?

In other news, there’s dead grass in our back yard.  A lot of it.  And my sweet puppies just love rolling around in it and bringing it inside!  It’s like Christmas everyday in my house with all the gifts the dogs bring me…





I’ll be by to visit everyone tonight when I actually have time!  Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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Although that title could easily be used to describe ME it’s actually describing this post because I’m going to be busy at work today! 

Just a couple random things:
Hubby and I were walking through Target or somewhere like that last week and I walked by these pants and said “Ohh fancy sweatpants I could really get those to wear out!” To which he replied, “Yeah, you should really be considered for ‘What Not to Wear.'” Is it more sad that he suggested that? Or is it more sad that he knows what “What Not to Wear” is?  Can you nominate yourself for that show? Because I totally would…

Last night I was changing and made my husband turn his head when I was taking off my pants.  It wasn’t because I thought I was fat–it was because I haven’t shaved my legs in so long that he could possibly throw-up from it. 

And lastly, my favorite picture of Sadie EVER!


Isn’t she just the cutest???!!!!


And look how properly Lexi’s sitting.  She’s such a lady…except she’s letting her udders hang out! 

Ok, hope everyone has a FABULOUS Thursday!

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This post will be full of pictures that you all probably don’t care about. I’m doing it for my own enjoyment and so when my dogs grow up they can look back at this post and remember what pesky dogs they were.  Oh dogs can’t read? Or recognize their own pictures? Hmmm…I don’t believe you!

I probably tried for 30 minutes with the husband to get the dogs to sit in front of the Christmas tree for five seconds so I could take a picture.  Did that happen?  Of course not–we all knew the answer to that! Here are the out takes:


Already starting off great considering one of the “dogs” happens to be my husband.



Mom had to get involved and as you see it’s going great…I love how I’m pointing to under the tree like the dogs have any idea as to what’s going on.



Bribing with cheese popcorn…I mean I would pretty much do ANYTHING for cheese popcorn.

This is about as close as it got to BOTH being somewhat close to under the tree.


I decided to try a different take on things.



APPARENTLY the dogs have a problem with wreaths around their necks…

So I tried one last thing…



A simple snowman prop.  A little tempting for both of them. 

Out of about fifty pictures I got three decent (and I use the term decent very loosely) pictures:


This is Sadie’s best–sad I know.


Lexi’s best–which is actually sort of comical.

And the winner for best group shot?


Lexi looks confused, Sadie is SUPER happy (look at that toothy grin!) and Frosty down there is cautiously optimistic…

ARE KIDS REALLY EASIER THAN DOGS?!  I could believe it after this fiasco!


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Did I just write the longest WordPress title ever?  I feel like I did…

Let me take you on a trip.  A trip down memory lane.  We’ve been there in a few posts but we’re going back because we have so much fun everytime we go! 

The year? 2003.  My future husband and I were college students in the prime of our lives.  It was around Christmas time and we knew OU was going to make it into the Big XII Championship game and there was a possibility that Nebraska would be there too.  My boyfriend (Hubby now) decided to buy us Big XII tickets as a Christmas gift.  I was so excited! 

Well, Nebraska choked and didn’t make it there. Instead it would be OU vs. Kansas State. Oh well, I’d still be happy and hubby would still be okay with it because he likes any type of football.

Fast forward to December. 



Look how young and happy we are.  This was obviously BEFORE the game happened because you see my friends, OU got OBLITERATED in this game.  My husband gave me tickets to a game where my beloved Sooners got their butts handed to them.  And to top it all off, out of 77,000 seats in Arrowhead Stadium his cousin and his cousin’s friend (who was a huge K-State fan) were plopped right behind us.  They were laughing and yelling at my Sooners–MY SOONERS! 

This is what I call payback

This is what I call payback

I asked, no DEMANDED another Christmas gift to replace this horrible gift as we were walking to the car before the game was even over. It was without a doubt the worst Christmas gift ever…and he knows it!  He never did get me another gift and I think secretly he enjoyed every minute of that game!

These two were just a gleam in their momma’s eyes when we went to that game…


And no we don’t have purple trees in our backyard–just playing with Picnik!


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On Saturday we decided to go and get a little Christmas shopping done.  We were going to go a few places like the mall, PetSmart and Old Navy.  We hit all those places and as usual ended up buying everything WE wanted and nothing for anyone else.  I wouldn’t say we’re selfish, just self-centered. (I’m KIDDING people!)

We arrived at PetSmart to look at beds for precious Lexi.  She’s fallen in love with this horrendous Nebraska beanbag (now you people see why it’s horrendous!).  She decided to rip the seam open so it’s ruined so now we’re trying to find one similarly shaped…sorry this story is SO not about a bed. 

PetSmart is TORTURE but it’s especially torture on Saturdays.  They pretty much have adoptions every Saturday and this one was no different.  We just decided to look because, well as you all know we LOVE dogs.  Of COURSE there was a pen with 4 yellow lab puppies, 2 brown puppy mixes, and 1 black and white puppy. OF COURSE THERE WAS. I kept asking my sweet husband if we could get one.



Here’s the problem.

HE DIDN’T SAY NO! In fact he said he would pay for it.  But that was all he was going to pay for. I had to pay for everything else and get up and take care of it.  How could he say that I could get one. He’s the level-headed one that says “NO” when no should be said!   Yada, yada, yada I thought of Lexi and Sadie and thought they probably weren’t ready for a new addition at this moment. 

As we were driving home though, we drove past a WalMart parking lot. What was in the parking lot you ask??  A sign for LAB PUPPIES!  We didn’t even stop for those.  Then yesterday as I was going to Target I saw a sign on a truck that I was next to “ROTTWEILER PUPPIES.” I mean, is this not a sign from God or what?!  Plus did I mention last week I held a corgi puppy?!  A CORGI PUPPY FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!

How could I make these two put up with another puppy?! 



Maybe I shouldn’t make them deal with a new puppy–maybe I should just replace them with puppies!

Nah, I couldn’t do that!


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I feel old.  Really old. I am sitting here on a Friday morning sore.  My right arm hurts.  I wish I could sit here and tell you that I got off my lazy behind and worked out.  But I didn’t–it is the holidays for heaven’s sake! 

Ladies and gentleman (I’m pretty sure other than my husband no man reads this), I am sore from playing Wii.  Not HOURS of Wii mind you.  A whole 30 minutes of it.  And that’s stretching it time-wise.  And I wish I could tell you that it was from something vigorous like Wii Fit or boxing.  But it was a light game of couples tennis.  I could barely lift it to put on my sweater this morning.

Also, since when is 9:30 considered late?  When did THAT happen?  I mean in college I would stay up all hours of the night and STILL make my 8am classes.  Now I go to bed at 10:30 and can barely get up for work.  I am crying a little inside.  Pouring one out for my former, young self.  It’s a sad, sad day…

What kind of activities make YOU feel old?


I think Lexi’s thinking I look pretty old too. Look at that shocked look in her eyes.  Either that or I’m threatening to eat one of her beloved treats if she doesn’t cooperate!


And please ignore the coats, deodorant, perfume and any other item that is randomly seen in the background of this picture.  Sadie’s just as embarrassed as I am.

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