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Two amazing things happened Wednesday night.  First, I actually got out of the house and did something other than watch Ghost Hunters!  Second, we went to watch the OKC Thunder (basketball) play and they actually WON!  It’s a miracle!  Their record is now a whopping 11-35. 


My boss gave me the tickets for free so it was a nice free evening!  It is probably a very good thing that we didn’t pay for these because for some reason I tend to spend more time watching people than I do watching the game. 


The most ridiculous question I have ever heard at a sporting event occurred this night.  I actually had to calm down my husband so he wouldn’t say anything to the guy. 

The guy turned to the people he was with and said, “Now is this an NBA game or what is this?”  My jaw about hit the floor!  Just look at the court-NBA is written ALL OVER IT!  Give me a break!  I couldn’t believe it!


Most of my night though was spent looking at the “Thunder Girls” and feeling SO much better about myself! They’re all so FAT!  Or maybe not…

Just a couple of more pics of the angels from the snow the other day!



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SNOW DAY!  Well, it’s more like an ICE DAY.  But I’ll take it. Either way I didn’t have to go to work.  And the fact that there’s ice in Oklahoma, well it of course has become a state wide crisis. In fact it’s become a STATE of EMERGENCY.  Like I said, whatever gets me out of working for a day!  Needless to say I have SEVERAL pictures of my children to show you.  Here goes nothing…


Lexi sort of looks like a ghost dog


Sadie with her ball–of course.


A rare shot-Lexi in action!

Sadie running…nothing new there.


Lexi’s snow covered paws!


Lexi wasn’t too sure about the sleet.


Sadie was pretty much bitter in every picture. And she’s turning grayer by the day!


I think Sadie’s part Shiba Inu.  Do you think it’s worth $300 to find out?


Lexi fell into the Hollywood lifestyle. I found her with white powder all over her nose.

By the way, I got nominated for an Okie Blog award for Most Unusual Blog!  I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not but I’m just excited to be nominated!  I would link for everyone to go vote for me but you have to be an Oklahoma blogger to vote so I won’t waste everyone’s time. 


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Somehow humiliation always seems to find it’s way to me.   Just when I’m starting to feel good about myself God goes and knocks me down a peg or two. 

There I was walking into church.  My dad and husband were a few steps behind me chatting.  I go to walk up a flight of stairs to sit and lo and behold what happens?  Yes, my shoe got caught in my other pant leg and I go stumbling UP the steps. My first reaction was to see if dad and hubby saw.  They weren’t shaking their heads in embarrassment or laughing so I assumed they didn’t see.  Everyone else did though. Even this little boy kept staring at me to make sure I was alright.  As we were all sitting down my dad says, “I didn’t know you needed my assistance to walk you up the stairs…” Oh goodie–EVERYONE saw. 

Once church was over my dad grabbed me by the arm and escorted me down the stairs.  He’s such a jerk.  And I have a lovely bruise on my knee (as well as my ego).

Below is a picture of what Sadie loves to do to new things…


DESTROY them.  This bed had JUST come out of the box and she’s trying her hardest to destroy it. 


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…and put some new ones of cute dogs IN our heads. 

Life right now is boring, and I’m not complaining about that one bit.  I love boring but sometimes it’s, well, boring. 

I know not all of you have or even love dogs but I know you have kids and maybe you can help me with advice as if I’m talking about a kid.   A stupid, stubborn, brown-furred kid. 

Sadie has this new habit.  And it’s annoying.  She’ll scratch at the door to be let in.  We go to let her in and she runs away and grabs a ball.  Literally I spent an hour last night trying to get her in.  I finally had to go in the bedroom, flutter the blinds to create some intrigue and that finally got her to come in. 

This is what I’m faced with…



Little Lexi is just so good and runs right in…


I mean we will literally be running around the backyard with a golf club (Not to beat but to wrangle) and she’ll just run around like it’s a game…any advice?  Please!  

By the way click on that link on the side–the Bissell one and vote for Sadie.  Because if anyone deserves to represent shedding–it’s Sadie!

Also, I’m just going to post these pictures of Lexi. Because I love her.


Ferocious, I know.


I wonder what’s driving her so crazy??



Sorry for ANOTHER Lexi hiney shot. She just can’t keep her tail down.

And what was driving my little baby crazy??


A pigeon…a stupid pigeon…

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There are moments in life that you know you must love your significant other more than anyone else on earth.  Not because they went out and bought you flowers, not because they told you how beautiful you look today, but because of something they did.

Not something pleasant mind you.  I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about…the holding your hair back while you puke, running down the hall to grab you a roll of toilet paper when your occupied otherwise…

My wonderful sweet husband did such a thing.  Only secretly he probably enjoyed it.  I’m sure NONE of you have experienced your thighs rubbing together–but mine do!  Occassionally I’ll have to throw some water down there just to put out the smoke caused by the friction!  Well, once in a blue moon a nice little zit will form at the very top of my inner thigh.  When I say zit I mean a LARGE boil.  Just the other night I had to have him squeeze with all his might and relieve me of my pain.  He takes pride in his zit poppings so I’m sure he enjoyed it. 

Am I sharing too much?  Yes I probably am…now it’s YOUR turn!  What is the most disgusting thing your significant other has done for you?  Or how about the most disgusting thing you had to do for someone else?!  Let’s not get too graphic here people…

Did you know there was a bear outbreak in Oklahoma?  Two of them ended up in my backyard–a black bear and a grizzly…the picture speaks for itself…


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People, I am better!  Thank goodness for the healing power of NyQuil–saved my life!  I really appreciate all the well wishes and they truly made me better!  Your kindness healed me…

I am hoping to be back to regularly scheduled programming this week but I’m done making empty promises.  I’ve betrayed you all too many times. 

I’m just going to share a few pictures with you from Friday night:


Starts out innocent (my husband’s eating fyi)


Sadie laying on the charm to get food…

Slowly losing patience…


“High fiving” dad…


“Kneading” dad. If she’s not getting food then he’s gonna pay.

This ladies and gentlemen is my biggest regret.  Somehow teaching Sadie to high five has turned into her ripping us to shreds if she doesn’t get what she wants.  She’s such a spoiled brat…


And Lexi says hi too. 

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I feel like I’ve been sick for the longest time!  And I’m STILL sick!  I just can’t get over this bug that’s invaded my precious throat/lungs/mouth.  It has been five, count them FIVE days where I have had to sleep in the guest bedroom without my husband and more importantly without my dogs!  I feel like I should have rock-hard abs at this point from all of the coughing I’ve done.  (But I don’t…)

So let’s see so far my 2009 has been filled with car trouble and illness…what else could go wrong?  Well, considering we’re only in the 2nd full week of it a lot. 

And don’t even get me started on my doctor.  Does anyone else have this problem with their doctor?  He literally “examines” me for maybe 2 minutes and exclaims, “You have an infection!”  I was unaware you could deduce that by looking at my throat for 5 seconds and NOT doing a throat culture!  Am I bitter?!  YES!   To say the least!  Mainly because he put me on this stuff called “Magic Mouthwash” that A. hasn’t helped and B. tastes like medicine mixed with dog farts!  (Not MY dog’s farts of course–they smell like roses!) 

Needless to say I’m still coughing, I still have a swollen tonsil and I’ve stopped taking my medicine.  I think NyQuil will solve all problems.  At least Dr. Angela says so.  If not I’m cutting my own tonsils out…

Because I’m grumpy I’m putting  old pictures of the dogs in where the grass is green and the sunshine was out past 5:00pm.  And for some reason the pictures look better off my OLD camera!  More bitterness coming out…





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You know when you’re away from something for forever and it just seems like too much work to start it up again?  That’s how I’m feeling at blogging right now.  But I’m going to do it whether I want to or not! Mainly because I miss all of you all!   It will probably take me days to catch up so if I don’t come say “hi” til like Saturday then forgive me.  PLEASE–I BEG YOU! 

We got back from Kansas City yesterday about 1pm.  We were SUPPOSED to come back Sunday evening but God/Satan (I can never tell who to pin stuff on) had other plans.  Funnily enough we were pulling out of CHURCH (so it had to be Satan right?!) when our lovely Jeep that we bought not six months ago decided to completely stop working!  I won’t go into boring car details but basically any gear you put it in it would just roll backwards.   We had it towed and found out it was going to be around $2400!   Can you believe that?!   Well, miraculously yesterday my awesome husband called Jeep and it is somehow covered under a warranty!  So all we had to do is pay$100 claim fee and that was it! 

I was a little worried because I thought we’d come home to find my car with four flat tires. Why you ask?  I am SO glad you asked!  I was leaving Hobby Lobby in a huge hurry the day we were leaving and somehow I managed to not notice one of those islands in the middle of the parking lot.  I drove all the way over it.  It might be one of my more embarrassing moments.   I’m sure the lady who was walking out of Hobby Lobby at the precise time that I was high-centered on the island thought it was amusing.  It didn’t help that I accidentally honked my horn–probably subconciously I wanted to draw a little more attention to myself…

I can’t tell you how much I missed my precious babies!  SIX days without them!  My heart was aching for them!


Look at that beauty! 


Lexi loves Jon and Kate Plus 8! 

By the way–I hate Photoshop!  Ok, I don’t hate it, I don’t GET it!  Hence, Lexi’s picture was done in Picnik because I just gave up.   Have a FABULOUS Wednesday everyone!

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