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Just Like a Band Aid…

I’m going to do this quick so I don’t cry at my desk.  My sweet husband lost his precious childhood dog Maggie on Tuesday morning.  She would give you the fur off her back if she could.  We love her and we’ll miss her terribly!


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Meet my new obsession.  It’s name is Thai Treasures.  I can’t get enough of it.  In fact it’s almost making me have a gambling problem. The only downside is I only get to play it when I’m in Kansas City. 


It’s only betrayed me one time.  And that one time was this weekend.

I was going along winning and winning–a whole $35 thank you very much.  Then my sweet husband sat down next to me and started playing on the machine next to me.  He wasn’t doing great, so I thought I’d be nice and give up my machine for him to play. 


He wins $80 on the first click of a button.  I told him I got a cut of it but he REFUSED to give me any.  Luckily I have access to his wallet so I’ll get my cut one way or another!   

Speaking of good luck charms…


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img_2039Scratched across the eye by Sadie’s talons. (By the way, the camera did a horrible job of capturing my injury.)  Also, can anyone recommend a good eye cream or a function in photoshop that gets rid of eye wrinkles.  Good heavens-a macro setting on a camera should NEVER be used to take pictures of a person’s face!  Especially when the only lighting you have is a hotel bathroom!

How could I ever, EVER stay mad at either of the darlings though?


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I’ve been fighting with myself for about the last week. 


I’ve been tossing around the idea of shutting down the blog and just quitting.  My head keeps saying, “Yes shut it down.” But my heart still wants me to do it.  I sit there and think about how stupid it is to care this much about a BLOG!  A BLOG!! But I guess it’s not just about the blog itself–it’s about the relationships that have formed from it.  I consider you all my friends!  I don’t discuss tampon flushing with just anyone you know.  And I would miss you if I left!


I mean who else will I tell about the thousand times I catch Lexi eating her own poop or Sadie eating Kleenex out of the trashcan DAILY?? Or how about seeing the saddest thing ever on Valentine’s Day–a middle-aged man, sitting by himself at a bar in a restaurant enjoying a beverage in his fancy fur coat? 



So, just bear (or is it bare?!) with me until I get out of this weird funk I’m in and I’ll be back and better (or at least equal to) than ever!

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I’m sitting here wondering why I devoted a whole post to tampons.  Probably because nothing else was going on.  Luckily for you nothing else is going on so today we’re talking about menopause…ok, not really. 

Let’s talk about how I can’t win anything.  I am what you call a “loser.”

First up:  The Okie Blog Awards…lost

Second:  The photo contest that I entered Sadie in at I Heart Faces…LOST

Third: Since I haven’t heard about the Bissell contest I’m assuming Sadie lost that too…

Fourth:  An argument with my husband about getting the cutest Siberian Husky puppy–pure white, with one blue eye and one green eye.  Her name was Lucy.  I’m still haunted by her. 

I’ve just been a big, fat loser this past week!  And then the one thing I want to be a loser at–losing weight–is not happening! 

This is what I feel like I look like every morning when I put on my yoga pants:


Minus the face paint and braids of course.  But I do have a large “SAMOA” tattoo across my belly like him.  (Just know I wish I didn’t have a clue who this was–curse my husband for making me watch WWE Wrestling!)

Trying to get my mind off of Lucy…


I love Lucy…

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Do you ever have one of those moments in a friendship that you for sure know everything there is to know about your friend?  Then they drop a bombshell that totally catches you off guard?  That happened the other night!

I have this friend (we’ll leave names out because it’s really not important) and we were talking and somehow tampons got brought up (if you’re a man you might as well stop reading for your own good).  And out of no where she hit me with the shocking news that she didn’t flush the tampon, not the applicator, the tampon.  I was shocked but she was actually more shocked that I DID flush it! 

Am I crazy?  Am I the only one that flushes them?  When I used to use carboard applicators I flushed those too! 

I mean we had to make a decision right then and there that we were going to continue to be friend regardless of tampon differences. 

Let’s roll that beautiful bean footage…


Yes, I realize these are pictures from the snow day-but I haven’t had a chance to take new pics!


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I Heart {Dog} Faces…


By popular demand my entry for the I Heart Faces contest is this one:



I’m pretty sure she was in the midst of rolling her eyes at me for taking yet ANOTHER picture!  But I love her in spite of her being a turd sometimes! 

 EDIT: Lexi didn’t make the cut! Maybe next Pet photo contest! Don’t tell her though!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something other than dog pictures to share. 


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I Need Help, Sort Of…

Have you heard of I Heart Faces?  It’s a wonderful photography blog.  It has great tips and a contest every week!  This week they’re including pet pictures and you know I have to get involved!  I can’t quite decide which one/ones to submit.  Give me your opinion please!


(Not dandruff, just snow!)





Maybe not the most intelligent looking picture but it’s cute!

The theme is “The eyes have it” so that’s why a majority of the pictures are just facial pictures.  Because we already know they both win in the “best bodies” category!

Update: I have to be honest that I’m having the most trouble because I feel like I am leaving one of the dogs out by not including them! How sad is that?  I’m pretty sure they won’t know…

By the way if you’re visiting from Dogmark–welcome and thanks for stopping by!  They selected me for their Cool Dog Site of the Day!


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