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Turkey, Turkey, Turkey…

Happy Thanksgiving from me and my two turkeys.

Eat a ton, laugh til you pee yourself, and rest until you can’t rest anymore!

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No clue why I’m…

…always wishing people…

…Happy Birthday…

…on the wrong day…

What year is it again?

And more importantly, why is it still in the month of February?

Although one things not surprising about the calendar, it’s a dog calendar.

Speaking of dogs…is it just me or does it look like Miss Sadie is giving Lexi a little talking to. 

And then Lexi completely ignoring her.

Looks like Lexi needs a bath…

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There is nothing more fun in life than a good ole’ fashion rivalry. 

It is fun.  Until the rivalry involves you and your significant other. 

It is REALLY fun when your team is on the losing side of that rivalry and you have to go sleep in the same bed as the enemy.  It makes my skin crawl everytime I think of it.


I know I’ve shown this picture a million times but A. I look skinny in it (can I say that when it’s a headshot?) and B. it tells you which teams I’m talking about.

OU and Nebraska are not doing well at all this year.  Not. At. All.  But a victory still matters.

Unfortunately OU sucked a little more this year than Nebraska did.

I may have crossed a line when I posted this on facebook:


(Is anyone shocked to see that my profile picture is of a dog? Anyone?)

He was being so kind to me until he saw that.  Then he let the insults fly.  And just a note–I don’t hate my husband.  I just strongly dislike him in moments like these. 

I’m over it now.  Only because I know I have two little Sooner girls that have my back!



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This holiday season I’m trying to focus more on LOSING weight rather than gaining the 30 pounds I seem to gain during that time of year.  It helps when my attempt at cooking pumpkin bread was a disaster.  (I did the toothpick test and it passed.  So why when I cut into it was half of it raw?) So that took that temptation away.

I bought this DVD to help keep off the pounds.


I plan to get my butt kicked for every single minute of it. 

The problem is, is that it’s nearing the holidays.  And they had these…


And I just can’t say no to these.  Plus I like to be ironic and what is more ironic than buying a workout DVD and a high calorie/high fat chocolate candy at the same time?  To be honest I don’t know if that is ACTUALLY irony but it sounds good.

I know these two don’t care what size I am…well, the brown one judges a little bit but the black one? We’re kindred spirits.  Food makes us content. And it shows.  





Could there possibly be a cuter turtle? 

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How many of you been told you look like someone famous? 

I used to be told I look like Jennifer Aniston when my face was a little skinnier and I had long blondish hair.  I think it’s my chin/jaw-line.  It’s quite prominent.  I love Jennifer Aniston and totally took it as a compliment.  Although I was never told, “You could be Jennifer Aniston’s body double!” That’s what I REALLY would have loved to hear.  Oh well…jenniferaniston ugh

(By the way, I know that picture has no resemblance to Jennifer Aniston, except of course the arms! I’m coming to find out I don’t take enough pictures of myself so this is the result of that!)

Now, I’m getting a new one. 

It hasn’t been overwhelming or anything (although my husband is sick of me talking about it) because she’s not extremely famous. 

It all started with a text from my husband’s cousin. Is there such thing as a cousin-in-law?  The text said, “You didn’t tell me your wife was in Paranormal Activity.” 

I looked up a picture of the girl (Katie Featherston is her name) and thought there was a slight resemblance.  When I watched a trailer of the movie I did notice she had a little bit of a double-chin, no offense to her of course. Now THAT I recognize!

Then when we visited Kansas City this guy who worked at Wendy’s came out and told me I looked just like her and that everyone who worked there thought I did.  

I don’t know what to say to people when they say stuff.  Thank you?  Is that a compliment?  Ok?  It’s always a bit awkward.

I’ll let you all be the judge.  I don’t think I look like any of her “real-life” pictures but to me there is a small resemblance to her in the film.


Her in the movie

This is the closest I could come to a picture like the one above:


Yeah that’s not close at all…


Her in “real life.”


These pictures really aren’t that great of a representation. If I were a true blogger I’d re-enact them…

Here’s a couple of Lassie dopplegangers!



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  • Not changing my razorhead as much as I should. As in I am actually shocked that it still shaves hair off my leg.  More than likely I’m spreading disgusting diseases onto my body but if I can get a razor to last me six months then I’m golden.  Same rule applies with contacts.
  • Showering only when I have to.  And I only wash my hair 2 to 3 times a week.  If I haven’t sweat during the day then there’s no way I’m wasting my time showering.
  • Secret eating.  Occassionally when my husband’s gone or in another room I’ll sneak into the kitchen and eat something I know I shouldn’t be.  I know it doesn’t effect him in any way, so I don’t have any clue as to why I hide it from him.  It’s GUILT.
  • Caring too much what other people think.  This is how sad I am–I care what other drivers think of my driving.  I don’t know these people and more than likely I’ll never drive near them again in my life. 
  • Never washing my pants.  I’m super paranoid that the minute they’re washed they will never fit the same again.  Funny thing is, is that none of my pants even fit that well!
  • Talking to my dogs like they are people.  I’m sorry Cesar Millan–I can’t help it! I know it makes them not take me seriously as the pack leader but I feel like they actually know what I’m saying! 
  • Dressing my dogs up like ballerinas for Halloween! Thanks to my friend Amy (who is amazing at EVERYTHING she does–except combing hair–see her blog for that story!) they had custom made tutus!




I’m sorry, if this is wrong then I don’t want to be right.  I have a feeling anytime I’m feeling blue these tutus will be making an appearance.

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I’ve been a little busy this past week. 

I’ve been playing vet tech to both dogs.  I have officially decided that my two dogs are higher maintenance than an infant would be. 

Let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with here:


Pills, sprays, ointments, powders and ear cleaner (which somehow escaped the picture.)  Various things that were prescribed in the 3 vet visits that I’ve been on in the last two weeks.  Not pictured are the shots and tests that they had to have done at the vets office.

And please ignore the giant Arby’s cup in the background.  That plus 30,000 snack size candy bars is mama’s medicine. 

Someone mentioned that the dogs are on more medication than their mother who has ALZHEIMERS! 

From a bacterial infection to an ear infection to an eye infection to a gaping wound to allergies to paw issues.  It’s been a really fun week.  And dogs love getting medication put into their ears, eyes, and on said gaping wounds.  It usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes to chase down Lexi and get the medication in. 

It will all be worth it when these two will finally stop scratching themselves 24-7!



And I’m already assigning medication to different people in my family for Christmas gifts! 

Mom you get the eye ointment.

Dad you can have the antibiotics…

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