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About a week ago I was approached to do a product review from the website Pet-Super-Store.com.  After browsing around on their website I thought, sure why not?  They have tons of great stuff on there: from beds to collars and dog bowls to crates.   

The box arrived shortly after we decided which product to review.

We were all brimming with anticipation.

“What’s in the box? What’s in the box?” (Can you name that movie?) 

Also, please ignore my husband’s hindside in the picture, I’m not really sure what he’s searching for there. 

Sadie was super excited about finding out what was in the box.  Lexi was so excited that not one picture of her turned out! 


This gorgeous Flitch Wooden Feeder is amazing!  I mean, these are nicer than some of the dishes that my husband and I eat out of! Ok, not some, ALL the dishes we eat out of!

They come in single or double and in sizes extra small to large. 

Clearly my dogs needed the large. 

They love them because they’re elevated off the ground and they don’t have to stoop over anymore to eat.

Lexi finished her food in about .2 seconds as usual so that’s why she’s not included in this shot.

I love them because they’re sleek, modern and they fit in with the decor of my house.  Aren’t sleek and modern the first words you think of when you think of me?

I apologize for the quality of these pictures.  My house has the worst light and I am not the greatest photographer!

Thanks again to Pet-Super-Store.com for sending me this product to review.  The dogs and I enjoyed it tremendously!

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I know I’ve mentioned more than once about how I don’t want a baby.  Here’s the deal though, kids love me.  I’m like the flame to their moth, peanut butter to their jelly, the pied piper to their rats.  I have no reason or explanation for this. I’m super boring and have nothing at all to bring to the table.

I have a theory though.  You know the whole situation that cats are attracted to the one person who is ignoring them?  I think the same applies to kids.  They sense the energy around you–feel a calmness and proceed to destroy that calmness with screaming and jumping around and throwing things. 

On Saturday night Eric and Lauren were babysitting their niece and nephew.  They are adorable and sweet and sticky and well, they’re children.  We came over to have dinner with them and to hang out.  They wanted to eat dinner by me, play with me, and (I don’t want to brag) by the end of the night the niece wanted me to tuck her into bed. 

Unfortunately, I don’t know what’s involved in tucking a child into bed so her Auntie Lauren had to perform that duty. 

Although some kids have a harder time appreciating me.  On Friday I had a couple of girls about the age of ten in my office and they were giggling and whispering and looking–in my direction.  How dare a ten-year old child give me a complex?  I might have overreacted on Twitter:

Ok, I don’t hate them.  I just get paranoid when anyone, kids or adults, is whispering and looking over in my general direction.  I’m self-conscious enough without the giggling and whispering.  After a few minutes of talking about Wii though and they loved me. 

On a more depressing note, they were eating blue snow cones and I said they looked like Smurfs and they had no idea what I was talking about.  Shameful I tell you, SHAMEFUL! 

Do you know what’s not shameful? This girl…

In fact, some might say she’s shameless…

Although the condition of the bed is a little shameful.

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Lexi, Lexi, Lexi…

Where do I even begin?

I’ve discussed here the trouble in taking her to the vet.  She whines the whole time and jumps up on us and is generally just a crybaby.  I don’t blame her, she’s had a lot of issues and has had to be poked and prodded almost every time we’re there.  Most visits usually start out with her leaving a fresh little nugget on the scale or floor.

Saturday she may have gone over the line. 

We’re not sure but Lexi may or may not have left a trail of poop leading into PetSmart. (And someone clear this up for me: Is it Pets MART or Pet SMART?) I’m sorry I’m sharing this with you, but this was a tramatic event in my life.

My husband and I have been going through our memory bank like the Zapruder film.

Here’s the facts: We walked into PetSmart, took her directly to Banfield, a corgi tried to greet her at a cash register, I turned to look at the corgi because they’re oh so cute, I don’t remember seeing a poop trail when I turned around, no other dog the size of Lexi was in the store that we know of, we left her at the vet, turned to walk out and a guy was putting up caution signs because it looked like a clydesdale had walked through there.

If it was indeed her, she didn’t even break stride!  If it was her she never let on that she had pooped.  How could a dog possibly let that much out without someone noticing?

Needless to say I was embarrassed and humiliated.  Mainly because if I had known (and if it was in fact her) I would have cleaned it up.  No one should ever have to clean up that mess. 

And who knows, maybe it wasn’t her.  I’m trying to forget that it even happened.  In fact, I hope you all forget this post even happened.

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I could not possibly have a dog blog and not make some mention of the passing of Cesar Millan’s beloved right-hand man, Daddy. 

He lived to be 16 years old and impacted so many lives. He was the epitomy of what a dog should be.  I always wanted him and Lexi to be boyfriend and girlfriend but, alas, it never happened. 

Every one hug your pooches extra tight today. 

Now Daddy’s leading the pack in heaven…

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Here’s the deal, I’m going to be frank and honest with you.  The Olympics to me are nothing but a tv schedule ruiner. I wouldn’t say I hate them, more like I put up with them.  I’d much rather watch something worthwhile like Ghost Hunters or Pawn Stars. 

 I know it seems totally un-American and yada yada yada but I don’t like them.  My husband’s jaw hit the floor when I unleashed that deep, dark secret to him.  He said, “That totally changes everything.” He loves them, so they’re on at all times which is fine, I just work on my Doodle Jump score. However,  there is one exception for each the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics: gymnastics and ice skating. 

Let’s talk about men’s ice skating for a bit, shall we?

The first thing I thought of when I saw this guy was he’s the draconian brother of this guy:

Am I right?   The dark hair, brooding looks, and totally unpronounceable last names. And the ice skater was much tanner on tv than in that picture. 

This guy.  Ay, yi, yi…Why?  Why would you purposely give yourself a haircut that looks like an exaggerated widow’s peak?  It’s also making his distinctive schnoz look a little too distinctive.  Great skater, needs a new hairdresser.  Loved his sequined vest/tie combo, it could have used a tassle or two though.

Not often, other than Halloween, do you get to see a skeleton…

followed immediately by a sailor…

I was more than a little disappointed that Johnny Weir didn’t even place.  I mean honestly, can anyone rock a pink tassle and netted gloves like he can?  I think not…

Did you hear about the latest gold medal winners from China and Japan?

They tied for gold in the Most Annoying Dog in the Neighborhood competition.  They both look extremely pleased with themselves.

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Complaining about husbands is a really fun thing to do.  I could do it all day everyday.  Not necessarily about MY husband per say, but I can easily complain or listen to other women complain about their husbands day in and day out.

I love my husband.  I do.  And while he has his faults, and I have none, I do my best to look past them and love him in spite of them.  Lauren, I can feel you laughing at this paragraph.

Look at that.  How could you not love a man who isn’t afraid to show off his pirouette in public?  Would this even be qualified as a pirouette? I don’t know. 

I love him for stuff like this.  He is not afraid to act dorky in public to make me happy.  He’ll pretend to be interested in the Shiba Inu puppy cam.  He calls me everyday at his lunchtime just to check on me.  He finds hiding spots in the kitchen when I can’t control my eating of Starburst jelly beans.  (And yes, that happened, just last night)

Although he’s not perfect, once again like me, he is perfect in my eyes.

Except when he doesn’t put his dishes away.  Then I want to give him a nice tap on the booty…

And finally, he lets me be obsessed with these two…

And he’s a little obsessed with them too.  Considering they received Valentine’s Day gifts and we didn’t get anything for each other, I’d say he’s okay with this obsession.

Looking at these pictures makes me realize one thing: my dogs need a bath. Stat.

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Here’s the deal.  My husband and I can be sort of competitive. 

 Unfortunately, we’re not competitive about anything worthwhile.  For instance, you can find us in our kitchen tossing marshmallows in our mouth to see who can catch the most.  Or we’ll see who can pin who quicker wrestling. I’m sure we’re not alone in the “things we do to entertain ourselves” category. 

Lately our obsession has turned to our Itouch.  Specifically, Bejeweled and Doodle Jump.

If you don’t have Doodle Jump, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT, it will ruin your life and your productivity.  Especially if you have a spouse who is constantly competing with you for the high score. 

Currently my husband has the high score in Doodle Jump and I reign supreme (by quite a large margin, a thank you very much) in Bejeweled.  The trash talk is horrendous and embarrassing and even the dogs are ashamed to be in the same household as us.

She those faces. They’re saying “THE HORROR! THE HORROR!”

We’ll continue to be dorks even if the dogs are judging us.  What are some of the dumb things you and your significant other do out of boredom?  Please share, so I feel a little more normal.

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This Picture:

Reminds me of this print:

For some reason my dog looks more like a pig than a dog.  I’ve been told by several people that she has the shape of a pot-bellied pig.  I think they’re just jealous.
There’s just more of her to love.  Just like her mama. 

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Is anyone as surprised as I am that I’m actually making it to a week two?  I know I am! 

Let’s get to it shall we?

One A Day VitaCraves Gummies.  Considering I’m nearing my thirties and the sight of lettuce still grosses me out, you could say I’m a bit immature when it comes to food and beverage.  With these I get all my vitamins in the guise of a fruit snack!  Cherry is by far my favorite!  Orange I could do without but luckily that’s my husband’s favorite so we share.  Also, please note, the company that makes them is One A Day yet the first line in the instructions states, “Take two vitamins daily.” Sounds a bit like false advertising to me.  But I’ll refrain from suing since they made me tolerate taking vitamins!

Ohhh, sigh.  These are the jeans that wouldn’t make it up past my knees.  And now that I’m actually looking at a picture of them I’m thinking, “How does my big old booty not fit in those jeans?”  These jeans were a miracle of God.  They’re a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans that I bought off of Ebay.  If you know my body (and I’m guessing you don’t) it’s not easy to find jeans that fit properly.  We’ll just say my waist to hip ratio is a bit wonky.  I know I’m not alone in this.  I received this pair of jeans and they fit.  Like a glove.  It was truly a miracle.  Someday I’ll wear you again jeans.  Someday.

This is one of the reason’s my jeans do not fit.  Although it is technically low in fat, when you eat ten servings at once it sort of negates the low fatness of a product.  Edy’s Caramel Cone Crunch is delicious.  I don’t think it’s technically ice cream but I don’t care.  It’s delicious.  And those bits of cone covered in chocolate, wow.  Divine.  I really love it’s fattening cousin, Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dreams, but in my everyday life this is what I treat myself to. 

Well, hi there.  These shoes have to be some of my favorites I’ve ever purchased.  They are from Target and before you ask they’re a couple of years old so they’re no longer available.  They’re comfortable and they give a pop of animal magnetism to outfits.  I love them.  If it was legal to marry a pair of shoes, this would be the pair for me.  Love you!

My favorite picture of the dogs this week.  Mainly because it encapsulates every photo shoot I try to have with them.  The minute I walk outdoors with the camera they attack each other.  It makes no sense.  Unless…maybe they’re taking out their frustration with me on each other.  Ahh, yes, that’s probably it.

Until next week…

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A List…

Various things are floating through my mind right now. Obviously, since it IS me, it’s nothing coherent.  Sometimes I wonder if my husband spikes my water before I go to bed.

Here are the things floating in my brain right now:

  • How many times do I have to ask (ok, TELL) my husband that he is old enough to put his own dishes in the dishwasher.  I love him to death but seriously, I’m pretty sure there are two year olds that know to put their dishes away.  Love you honey. 
  • Never, EVER, I repeat, never, EVER think to yourself in the middle of trying to lose weight, “Oh I’m going to try on my skinny jeans. Surely they’ll be close to fitting now!” Then you proceed to try them on and they barely make it past your knees.  It’s a bit of a blow to the self-esteem. 
  • If you accidentally kick a dog when you’re sleeping next to them be prepared to be woken up with either a whimper or a growl.  Last night it was a growl.  Considering the fact that Lexi was taking up 3/4th’s of the bed she probably deserved to be kicked anyway. 
  • I wish dogs stayed puppies forever…

  • …of course I want them to be puppies minus the accidents (peeing on beds), random wake-up times (5am for playtime!), and destruction of everything in their path (VERY expensive jeans–SADIE I’m talking to you!)!  But look how cute they are!!
  • I really want a cheeseburger, fries, and the biggest chocolate shake known to man-kind. That would probably hinder my skinny jeans from making it past my ankles. 
  • I’m dreading the return of springtime bugs in our house.  It’s going to happen, it’s inevitable.
  • I’m eating chocolate on Valentine’s Day…a lot of it. 

The end.  For today at least…

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