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There are moments in life that you know you must love your significant other more than anyone else on earth.  Not because they went out and bought you flowers, not because they told you how beautiful you look today, but because of something they did.

Not something pleasant mind you.  I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about…the holding your hair back while you puke, running down the hall to grab you a roll of toilet paper when your occupied otherwise…

My wonderful sweet husband did such a thing.  Only secretly he probably enjoyed it.  I’m sure NONE of you have experienced your thighs rubbing together–but mine do!  Occassionally I’ll have to throw some water down there just to put out the smoke caused by the friction!  Well, once in a blue moon a nice little zit will form at the very top of my inner thigh.  When I say zit I mean a LARGE boil.  Just the other night I had to have him squeeze with all his might and relieve me of my pain.  He takes pride in his zit poppings so I’m sure he enjoyed it. 

Am I sharing too much?  Yes I probably am…now it’s YOUR turn!  What is the most disgusting thing your significant other has done for you?  Or how about the most disgusting thing you had to do for someone else?!  Let’s not get too graphic here people…

Did you know there was a bear outbreak in Oklahoma?  Two of them ended up in my backyard–a black bear and a grizzly…the picture speaks for itself…



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Don’t you hate it when work overtakes your life?!  Me TOO!  Here in about 4 days I’m going to be free–free as a BIRD!  At least for two weeks…

Does everyone have their holiday shopping done? ME EITHER! Ok, you all probably actually do but the deadly combo or procrastination and laziness has over taken me!  I haven’t done a whole lot of shopping but I’ve done a lot of hint dropping.  “Sadie hasn’t eaten almost ALL of my underwear, I need more underwear preferably from Victoria’s Secret!!!”  “My neck hurts so bad every morning from my pillow, I WISH I had a pillow like yours…” “My pictures would look SOO much better with Photoshop!”  We’ll see how many hints he picks up on–considering he never picked up on any hints that I LIKED him before we dated I doubt these obvious hints will get through to him. 

I have been so out of blog mentality that I can’t even think of anything to write!  So I’m just going to spew pictures on here and maybe I’ll be inspired…doubtful…


Did I just blow your mind?  Yeah, that’s the moon and I took it’s picture!


img_1208The man on the moon was giving me his best side that night–I believe he is MOONing me!  Come on–that’s GOLD people, GOLD!

Sadie had a photo shoot last night with a scarf…


sadiescarf1I’d say she looks pretty happy about the whole situation!

And I don’t know if you know this, but Elvis is ALIVE! 


Lexi could pretty much care less…


She doesn’t need a scarf to tell her she’s beautiful!

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There isn’t much happening in life right now so I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane for a few minutes.  Let’s go back a few years to when I was in college.  I was walking over to my then boyfriend’s (now husband) apartment.  On my way over I noticed a trap sitting in between the apartment buildings.  Inside that trap was a poor, sad DYING squirrel.  Now these traps were meant for skunks that would stink up the campus.  No way were they intended for poor, innocent squirrels.  Well, me being the animal activist I am ran over to BK’s apartment saying that we “HAD to rescue this squirrel” that “it needed us.”  I can’t remember exactly how we got the squirrel out of the trap but we did. 


(Ok, that’s supposed to be a squirrel in the trap)

We lay him (I use the term him generically we didn’t really see evidence that it was in fact a male squirrel) outside of BK’s apartment and proceeded for probably a good two hours trying to revive this squirrel.  I made BK go get one of his long athletic socks to warm up the squirrel, we had a little bowl of water that we would try to drip in his mouth, and we would randomly poke at him to see if he would move.  Nothing.  He was still breathing but there was no movement.  People would walk by and stare at us like we were lunatics (which thinking back it was a bit nutty-PUN) but we kept on trying. 

Finally, it happened.

His last breath.

I was devastated.  I ran inside his apartment and back to his bed–which at our college was in fact a big no-no.  But I cried and cried like I had lost a family pet or something. 

The next day when I went back over there the squirrel was gone.  I thought maybe a miracle had happened.

Nope.  Turns out he just threw it behind some building. The jerk.

We were talking about this day not too long ago and he said, “You know I had to really love you on that day because I was SO embarrassed that someone was going to see me trying to revive a SQUIRREL.”  I think deep down it wasn’t his love for me, it was his love for the squirrel that prompted him to do that. 

Speaking of dead squirrels–who wants to see a couple of squirrel killers?



Those little sweeties have brought me no less than three squirrels as presents.  And I guess the bird was just too good because that didn’t make it to the house if ya’ know what I mean. THEY ATE IT–that’s what I mean.  yuck…

On that extremely appetizing note–HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

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I get this:


And my husband gets this:


Although I think somehow I’m getting the short-end of the stick.  I mean he’s had it for a day and he’s working on hour 7 with this thing.

And yes I did take the pictures on the kitchen floor–I don’t have a great place to do photoshoots!  Judge all you want!  

Not a heck of a lot happened this weekend!  I thought I would have had a lot of material from hubby’s company party but not a lot happened. There was only ONE drunk couple dancing and that just lasted for A song.  Although I can’t even begin to describe how uncoordinated they were.  I wish I would have had a video camera. 

Oh I was on the verge of punching a lady in Wal-Mart on Saturday morning.  Has anyone ever been to WalMart withOUT leaving there wanting to hurt someone?!  I was merely trying to get A donut (ok, it was two but my husband thinks it’s just one) and this lady could not wait five seconds for me to get a donut!  She literally reached around me to grab a bag and then she proceeded to reach around me to grab donuts from around me.  I think she thought I was going to buy them all and not leave her any.  She almost lost an arm though…See compromise she gets donuts, loses an arm.

The dogs don’t even deserve to have their pictures posted because they’re little jerks but I’ll do it anyways…



On another note some sweet ladies have given me awards the last couple of weeks (and if I forget to mention you tell me and I will!):

Cheryl at Blueberry Buttons gave me TWO awards!  We’re fairly new blogging buddies but she is great and she has some really funny posts! And she’s very crafty too!




Veggie Mom over at Eat Your Veggies! has given me an award as well!  This is another fairly new blog for me but it’s home of Poprs (which I just won some and am SOOO excited to try!) and she writes some great posts! Plus she had a picture of goats on a roof–does it get better than that?!

Also AJ at A Little Bit Nutty gave me this award too!  She is a lovely lady who is a great blogging buddy!  I love going over to see what “nutty” thing she’s up to! I know I’m hilarious…and speaking of animals on roofs–her DOG was on her roof.  Go over and check that story out!

And finally, Angie over at The Arthur Clan gave me this award also!  She is great!  Her kids are so cute and pictures are breathtaking!  She has such a sweet spirit and I just love her blog all around. I don’t think any animals have been on roofs at her abode but I could be wrong! proximidade_award

Ok, I think that’s it!  Thanks everyone for the awards AND the kind words!  I appreciate it so much!

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Went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday.  You would think by going to a pumpkin patch I would end up with a bunch of pictures of pumpkins.  Not the case here–in fact I don’t think I have ONE picture of a pumpkin.  Not even the pathetic excuses of pumpkins I came home with.  It’s sort of sucky going the weekend before Halloween.  Not a huge selection of pumpkins.  I don’t know if I’ve said the word pumpkin enough…pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin.  Needless to say ours were GREEN.  I think they were trying to pull them off as “designer” pumpkins but I’m pretty sure they were just pumpkins that were pulled to early.  It was either a green pumpkin or one that was oozing some sort pumpkin blood. 

But I digress…ON WITH THE SHOW!

First up–hay turkey. This is the point where the boys were saying “OH MY GOSH do we have to take pictures of EVERYTHING?!”  And as pictured below–yes, yes we did…

Next the Corn Maze (or is it Corn Maize–haha I crack myself up!)

Clearly having trouble getting through it…

Luckily, we opened our mouths wide enough and found the way…

Still mouth is wide open.  And yes I’m wearing sweatpants–I always wear sweatpants even if jeans are more socially acceptable.

And the boys slowly made their way…

Next up-HAY BALES!

I have to be honest here–the hay bale kind of blended in with the ground and I thought my husband had turned into a giant.  I mean look at him compared to that little old lady behind him.  He’s huge!

If you look closely at that kids face he was SO jealous of the air I got in that jump.  Either that or he was wondering how someone that old could act so immature. 

Yeah, sweatpants and hay don’t mesh well together. 

Finally, we spent a lot of time with the animals…

There’s goats…

And future goat fries.

And Wilbur…

My husband, the Sheep Whisperer

And finally, this scary guy…

I think he’s an alpaca (I’m sure you all know!) but he didn’t look happy and he looked like he was going to spit at me so naturally I took a picture and ran.

But now I have an IMPORTANT question–if I could not find the advent calendar to give away would a Target gift card suffice?!  My husband said that it is not nearly as good as an advent calendar but I have to disagree–I mean not EVERYONE even celebrates Christmas!  Give me some feedback please!

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I have just a MINUTE before I’m going to eat–for the thousandth time today.  Clearly BK’s grandmother is trying to make NONE of my clothes fit.  I’m having a GREAT time and was forced, FORCED to buy a new Nebraska jacket for the game tomorrow night!  Last night in the car I learned so much about my husband-I found out that his favorite cursive letter is a capital “L” and that he doesn’t like it when I scream when I see a deer feeding on the side of the road.  Such a jerk!   Ok, ok…I’m blabbing…

I was tagged by the lovely Deanna to do a Book Meme (Can someone explain what meme means?  I’m lost-shocking!) Here are the rules:

The Rules for this Book Meme:

Grab the nearest book.
Open the book to page 56.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the text of the next two to five sentences in your blog along with these instructions.
Don’t dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.
Tag five other people to do the same.
Ok, well I was at work so this is REALLY random:

“By throwing them into the pads a good harvest would be a sure thing.  There could also be paper oxen inside the bellies of which the five kinds of grain crops were stuffed. When the paper oxen were torn open with the lashing, the five cereals would burst out, which was taken as an indication of bumper crop.”

From the book:

Cultural Background of China’s Folk Customs

If you EVER want me to quote out of that book again let me know.  It’s a great read!

Also, if you haven’t already go over to the SITS October Giveaway.  PHOTOSHOP!  I need it to shave a few inches off Lexi and to give Sadie a smile! 

This is going to be a rare, RARE post with no pics!  I’m not on my laptop.  Lexi and Sadie are with Floyd so I have a feeling they’re going to be DEAD when we pick them up!!  Can’t wait to catch-up on everyone’s blog.  See you on the flip side!


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Last night I was doing a tiny amount of internet research on vacuums.  We need a new one because ours is tiny and since the dogs basically shed small puppies nightly we need one that sucks really good. (Wow that was probably the worst sentence written in the English language.) Well, I go to Amazon to do research on one in particular–can’t remember the name–and I was reading the reviews.  One stuck out in my mind…

I really was unaware that you had to fertilize your vacuums for use.  That is a total Con–it would keep me away from buying this model.  Although the fact that it’s “cheep” might overcompensate for the fertilizer. 

On a totally unrelated note, my husband wanted me to inform you that he is not evil and that I am portraying him in a bad light on this blog.  While he is not “evil” I have not embellished any stories of him on here.  And I kind of think he’s a little evil because he STILL has not bought me a camera. 

I’m thinking I need to feed the dogs more

Yeah, they were fighting over an old tree limb.  They both wanted to chew the SAME branch.  I never said they were smart (did I?!)

They figured it out

By the way–we’re planning a trip for Florida next year.  Anyone have any suggestions???  Thanks in advance!

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