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Fancy Boy…

Somehow, I totally forgot about these two pictures.

They’re my husband testing the velocity of the hair dryer and how it may affect how his hair looks.

This isn’t our bathroom by the way.  It’s from when we were in Nebraska.  I would never go to that much effort to make my bathroom look presentable. 

As long as it has a hand towel and toilet paper then I think that’s all people can really ask for in a bathroom.  You’re lucky if there’s a bottle of soap in there.

Oh-looks like this hair dryer didn’t meet his specifications.  The force must have been too much for his hair to withstand.  Because you know, if the air blows too hard, then it will totally ruin a hair-do. 

For some reason he reminds me of this guy in these pictures:

Pauly-D!  Ok, I actually know nothing about Jersey Shore except who the people are.  Because for some reason people care enough about them for it to keep taking up space on my precious gossip websites!

Let me add, I don’t think my husband looks like him, just the hair obsession. 

If only we could all just have fur.  Then hair wouldn’t matter…

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Lesson Learned…

That’s Floyd.  I’ve talked about him on here before a couple of times.  He’s my dog nephew.  My brother’s dog. 

Floyd is a special dog.  He was dumped in my brother’s friend’s backyard and ever since my brother took him he has not left his side.  He has to be everywhere his dad is. 

Not that this has anything to do with this story. 

Last night my brother took him to the vet because he couldn’t keep any food down and he was turning into skin and bones.  My brother knew what was wrong.  The x-ray confirmed it.

He had pieces of his beloved basketball lodged in his stomach.  Floyd likes to destroy basketballs and then play with only the pieces.  Well, he liked to play the ULTIMATE keep away and eat the pieces. 

To make a long story short, he had to have surgery to open up his stomach and remove said pieces of the basketball. 

I heard this morning that the surgery was SUCCESSFUL and he’ll be home sweet home Saturday night. 

Lesson learned. A very EXPENSIVE lesson learned.

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I Love Surprises…

Don’t you love little surprises in life? I do.  Especially when it involves someone buying me something.  Ok, I’m not really that materialistic or shallow, I appreciate all of life’s surprises.  Big or little, expensive or free. 

The other night my sweet husband surprised me.  Well, now that I sit here and think about it he surprised me a couple of times in the last few days. 

First, when I came home from getting my hair done (I have bangs again!) I walked into the house and the whole house was vacuumed and Swiffered.  Be still my heart.  My least favorite chore–DONE!  I kept thinking he wanted something out of it but he didn’t.  He did it because he loves me. 

(Collective awwww, followed by a puking sound is what I expect from all of my readers after a statement like that!)

Then the other night I come home from work.  The dogs were a little worked up and I said, “What’s wrong with the dogs?”

He said, “Oh they must just want outside.”

So I go to let them outside and I see these:

Aren’t they wonderful?  And please ignore the dirty mat hanging out in the corner there.  Obviously when staging this photo I did a poor job of removing unsightly eye sores from the picture.

I love the bright, cheery blue and green of them.  They’re just so fun!  And somehow the dogs playing got in the background of both pictures.  The times I don’t want them in a photo they weasel their way in.

Now we can sit out on the porch and enjoy the sweet spring breezes and the smell of dog poop floating through the air.

And our evening entertainment can be these two.

Now I know this picture may make your eyes bleed with how blurry it is.  But there’s two things I love about it: how overly dramatic Sadie (the brown one) is about a little bite on the neck and how both of them have their paws raised all dainty-like while they’re in the midst of fighting.

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Sadie Sitting…

My precious Sadie, the chocolate labrador/cat hybrid, is definitely the super model out of the two dogs.  She actual works with me when I have a camera in my hand as opposed to Lexi who runs in the other direction.  Lexi doesn’t have the body to be a model anyway. 

The other day I was taking pictures of Sadie and she looked so stoic and proud.

Have you seen a more proud dog? I think she had just got done beating the snot out of her sister, Lexi. 

Ok, she looks a little daffy in this picture.  But still, prideful eyes.  It’s sort of the opposite of Tyra’s “Smile with your eyes.” Have pride in your eyes. (I should probably trademark that.)

Stoic. Proud. Pompous. Overconfident.  Those are a few words to describe her in life and in this picture.

Although, I don’t think the background fits this attitude. 

Let me make an adjustment.

Cause she’s proud…Proud to be an American, where at least she knows she’s free. (Everybody sing) And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me. And I proudly STAND UP next to you…

Ok, sorry. I’m done.

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My husband was lucky enough to receive a coloring book and some crayons from the Easter Bunny.  (He still believes in it–shhh–don’t say anything)

Somehow, coloring turned into a competition in our household.  That probably doesn’t surprise anyone.

There is his attempt. Pretty good.  He stayed in the lines.  And in his words he made the plants into coral. 

In my opinion he probably could have done a little more detail work with the water and maybe a little shade work on the shark. I give him a B-.

Here’s my attempt.  Now, I’m not playing favorites (yes I am) but mine is AWESOME!  Look at the outlining and the added sun and clouds.  It adds depth to the picture. 

My husband accused me of “jazzing up the picture” by adding the clouds and sun.  And that this was just a coloring book and not a “coloring and drawing book.”

I think he’s just jealous.

I get an A+ of course.

Am I hallucinating or is mine better? You can be honest.  Or would you consider it cheating me drawing in the sun and clouds?

I will admit, I did kind of forget to get my children anything for Easter.  Luckily they were none the wiser…

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If you’re looking for the Apple/Itunes Giftcard Giveaway it’s located here.


My life is way more exciting than yours.  I can assure you of that.

Here’s an example of a night at my house at the height of excitement.

My sweet husband beckons me outside where he has spotted something unusual up in the tree.

Why the heck is there an apple in the tree?  As far as I remember, this isn’t an apple tree. (The humor never stops on this blog people.)

My husband’s best guess is a squirrel or a cat had it and left it in our tree.

I, of course, have other thoughts on the matter.

I think, that maybe this is THE apple from the Bible.  And somehow in a parallel universe it got caught up in a time continuum and our back yard is in fact The Garden of Eden.  That apple could be worth millions.

It’s either that or maybe a hobo is living in our backyard and accidentally left his lunch in the tree. 

And another thing, I actually dragged (is it dragged or drug) a step ladder out in the backyard this morning to take those pictures.  So, you’re welcome.

And ANOTHER thing, these two girls are falling down on their job if they’re letting hobos live in our backyard.

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The winner has been picked!  The winner is #51 Steph.  Thanks everyone for entering!

Once in a lifetime something amazing happened.  This weekend that moment happened.

More exciting than my wedding day and I can imagine more exciting than the day I give birth. 

This weekend my pups, Lexi and Sadie, were on the front page of PEOPLEpets!

Do you recognize those little ballerinas?  That’s right–front page, big and beautiful!  Luckily the tutus are covering up their trouble areas. 

There’s the actual captioned picture.  They are STARS.  Finally, they’re getting the recognition they deserve.

Oh what’s that?

Who’s that below a brooding LC and a gloomy Kristin? Yeah that’s right. Sadie was on the front page of PEOPLE! (The website, not the magazine, Jesse James and Sandra B. ruined that one for us this week)

To celebrate this shining moment in my life I thought I’d do a giveaway.

Who wants a $50 Apple giftcard? (Please note: The Apple giftcard is only valid on Apple’s website or in an Apple store. It cannot be used on Itunes) How about a $25 Itunes giftcard to go along with that? 

One person will win both! 

Here’s how to enter.

Answer this question in the comments:

What is the most exciting thing to ever happen to you?

Did you meet a celebrity? Lose twenty pounds? Or something as simple as getting out bed?

  • For an additional entry you can follow me on Twitter . If you’re already following me let me know.
  • For an additional entry Retweet about the contest and come back here and let me know you retweeted. If you don’t have twitter and want to blog about it just put a link to that blog post in the comments. But you can only do one or the other. Not both.

So you can have a total of three entries per person.  Be sure and leave a valid email address or blog address so I can get ahold of you if you win!

This contest will go through Friday April 2, 2010 at midnight central time.  Time is up! Winner will be announced sometime in the next 24 hours! Winner will be picked randomly and announced sometime this upcoming weekend.  Due to the giftcard restrictions this giveaway is open only to US residents. (Sorry international folks.)

Oh and Apple doesn’t know who I am.  But they may know who my pups are thanks to People.

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Is anyone out there sick of looking at horses?  You’re in luck!  Today you’ll get to see a room that makes any room in your house look like a junk yard.  Even if that room is spotless in your mind.

This is The White Room.  I’m sure the couch and chairs are comfortable but no one really knows because no one really sits in there.  It’s pristine! 

The White Room is in my husband’s grandparent’s house that we stay in while we’re in Nebraska. Not that this is the only room in their house that is spotless. 

Every room in their house is spotless. No dust, dirt, or hair.  ANYWHERE.  It’s crazy.  In a good way.  I only wish I could keep up with my house the way that they do.

His grandma probably did ten to twenty loads of laundry while we were there from Wednesday (late night) until Sunday (early morning). 

When she visited us last year she cleaned off each individual window of our French doors!

Don’t take this as knocking her, it’s something I aim to achieve.  Maybe not quite on her level.  But maybe care enough to do the dishes every once in a while.  Or take out the trash. Or shower. Or actually even remotely care about the clumps of dog hair around the house. 

Sadly, this weekend The White Room will be transformed. Although I’m sure it will still be spotless no matter what color it ends up being.

I do know one thing though, these two would NEVER be allowed in their house, let alone that room!

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These chickens cracked me up at the stables. They walked up and down the corridor looking for food that the horses had dropped. 

And I do realize this is a rooster. You could tell he owned this place.  He probably could have intimidated some of the horses if they let him.

When they got down to our way they could tell we had food.  The trainer informed us that they were waiting for us to drop a grape for them.

We gladly obliged and dropped a few. 

I swear sometimes animals know when you’re taking their picture.  This little girl stood there and waited and waited until I was done taking her picture.  And when I put the camera down she was out of there.

This picture reminds me of the scene in 101 Dalmatians when all of the farm animals are spreading the word that the Dalmatians have been stolen. 

I think the animals are just gossiping about the other animals.  You know chickens, all they’re good for is gossip!

And just for good measure, here’s a picture of the dogs!

This is right after I told them that not only are we getting a horse, now we’re getting chickens too!

I think they’re both thinking “DINNER!”

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This Picture…

This picture says so much about this dog Sadie.  It appears that she may be sick of me taking her picture and slapping that camera right out of my hand. But let’s be real, she ain’t that smart. 

In reality, she was licking her chops because I was holding a treat and high fiving me in order to earn that treat. 

All in all I would say it’s an epic picture if I do say so myself.

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