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Ok, ok, ok.  I’m not really pregnant.  Obviously. I look too happy to really be pregnant. Also, I hope a couple other parts grow a bit bigger when I have a baby in my belly.  Just to balance things out.  If you know what I mean, and I think ya’ do.  After looking at this picture, I wish the good Lord would have put some of my jaw into my upper lip.  Everytime I smile my upper lip completely disappears! 


I’ve really been away enjoying life.  Not spending my nights staring at a computer until bed time.  The last few weeks (or maybe months) (or maybe the last YEAR!) I’ve been feeling a little blue.  Nothing serious, just not happy.  Among other things, I became a little obsessed with caring how many people read my blog, how many people followed me on Twitter, going to the same websites over and over and over expecting some sort new material, etc., etc…Not healthy at all!  And if you know me at all in real life, you know I’ve got a bit of an obsessive personality. Well, ever since deciding to leave my computer off and ENJOY life again I’ve felt wonderful.  Best decision ever!

It helps having a husband who is understanding and patient and puts up with me and loves me more than I deserve.  And also buys me beautiful yellow roses!

Aren’t they lovely?  Before you ask, yes, I do display all flower arrangements on the floor next to the back door.  I think it adds a bit of zen to the household. Ok, maybe not.  Unfortunately, that’s where the best lighting is, so that’s where they pose! I will say, out of all the floor shots that have ever been on the blog, this may be the cleanest my floor has ever been.

I’m ready to bounce back and start blogging again!  And I’m not going to be mopey and downtrodden. Or deep and introspective.  I’m going to be just as mindless and idiotic as I always have been! 

And here’s a little how do ya’ do from the ladies:

Enjoy your day everyone!

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I’ve been fighting with myself for about the last week. 


I’ve been tossing around the idea of shutting down the blog and just quitting.  My head keeps saying, “Yes shut it down.” But my heart still wants me to do it.  I sit there and think about how stupid it is to care this much about a BLOG!  A BLOG!! But I guess it’s not just about the blog itself–it’s about the relationships that have formed from it.  I consider you all my friends!  I don’t discuss tampon flushing with just anyone you know.  And I would miss you if I left!


I mean who else will I tell about the thousand times I catch Lexi eating her own poop or Sadie eating Kleenex out of the trashcan DAILY?? Or how about seeing the saddest thing ever on Valentine’s Day–a middle-aged man, sitting by himself at a bar in a restaurant enjoying a beverage in his fancy fur coat? 



So, just bear (or is it bare?!) with me until I get out of this weird funk I’m in and I’ll be back and better (or at least equal to) than ever!

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I feel like I’ve been sick for the longest time!  And I’m STILL sick!  I just can’t get over this bug that’s invaded my precious throat/lungs/mouth.  It has been five, count them FIVE days where I have had to sleep in the guest bedroom without my husband and more importantly without my dogs!  I feel like I should have rock-hard abs at this point from all of the coughing I’ve done.  (But I don’t…)

So let’s see so far my 2009 has been filled with car trouble and illness…what else could go wrong?  Well, considering we’re only in the 2nd full week of it a lot. 

And don’t even get me started on my doctor.  Does anyone else have this problem with their doctor?  He literally “examines” me for maybe 2 minutes and exclaims, “You have an infection!”  I was unaware you could deduce that by looking at my throat for 5 seconds and NOT doing a throat culture!  Am I bitter?!  YES!   To say the least!  Mainly because he put me on this stuff called “Magic Mouthwash” that A. hasn’t helped and B. tastes like medicine mixed with dog farts!  (Not MY dog’s farts of course–they smell like roses!) 

Needless to say I’m still coughing, I still have a swollen tonsil and I’ve stopped taking my medicine.  I think NyQuil will solve all problems.  At least Dr. Angela says so.  If not I’m cutting my own tonsils out…

Because I’m grumpy I’m putting  old pictures of the dogs in where the grass is green and the sunshine was out past 5:00pm.  And for some reason the pictures look better off my OLD camera!  More bitterness coming out…





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The title really has nothing to do with anything.  Well, it has to do with SOMETHING but nothing that I’m going to blog about. 

First, I would like to point out that I did in fact spell conundrum right but I apparently put quiet where I meant to put quite. Thank you for pointing out my mistake.  I apologize for that–but that’s not going to be the last time that happens.  And you’ll probably see affect where effect is supposed to be and too where two is supposed to be and their where there or they’re is supposed to be.  Unfortunately I majored in marketing not English!  Although, if you ask my husband he’ll tell you how much I love to correct his grammar.  Keep correcting me though–it keeps me human.

I saw this hilarious Sonic commercial at church on Sunday.  (We were having a sermon on media affecting morals.  My church is *NOT* sponsored by Sonic.  Although that would be cool, but probably wrong in some way.) I think I missed the point–I don’t see anything morally wrong with it–in fact I think it’s hilarious and it makes me WANT to go buy Sonic.  Route 44 Cherry Limeade please…

What’s your favorite Sonic drink?

I kept thinking about it yesterday and giggling.  Mainly because I’m sure it’s what my husband is thinking but he’s too kind to say it.  Only instead of him saying “It’s just visible in the sun” he would say “You can only see it in dim lighting, candle light, and pretty much in pitch black. But it’s cute–it adds character.”

Last night I had to throw 3 pumpkin displays I had outside.  They were really cute–the pumpkin was hollowed out and then you put a mum inside of it. I guess you’re supposed to actually water the mums and eventually take them out of the rotting pumpkins.  The mums were basically like straw and  well, let’s just say I picked a pumpkin up to throw away and the bottom had turned into pumpkin butter.  Who knew pumpkins could liquefy on their own! 

Sorry, this post is lame-o…maybe some dog pictures can salvage it.

Nope!  They were pretty lame-o themselves! Have a great Tuesday!

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Have you ever made something for work or for a party that everytime an event comes up they want you to make THAT item?  I do…it’s a little thing called Sopapilla Cheesecake.  (No idea if I spelled it right, and I don’t care!!!)

Michelle you’ll have to tell your mom *Thanks* for this recipe.  It has now become my Hell to bake this.  I used to love it, now I won’t touch the stuff.  On top of me having to make it for work and for other events, now I have to make it for BK’s job.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind baking it, it just makes me want to vomit everytime I see it or smell it. 


I only bring this up because we remembered at ohhh about 11:00pm last night that I needed to make one for BK’s luncheon he’s having today.  So, while he slept (he did “help” some) I was up baking for HIS co-workers…I swear I’m not bitter…

On a less bitter note–I decided to be SUPER generous and do a HUGE give away! haha I have two “Today I Am…” magnet boards and 2 “Little Miss Bossy” magnetic notepads to give away. 

 I’m going to give them away as sets (1 Today I Am and 1 Little Miss Bossy) and all I want is for you to tell me if you could be any Little Miss or Mr. person who would you be?  (You can make it up if you’re feeling creative) And then I’ll use the random.orgs website to find a winner (unless of course there’s only two of you who comment then you’ll automatically win!) I’ll say the end time is Saturday at Noon central time. 

Did somebody say they wanted to see pictures of dogs?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadie is SO majestic

I think she wanted me out of her face

Lexi is, well Lexi is Lexi…

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Don’t be jealous…this was my awesome view on Labor Day.  I just have to emphasize to you people once more that I WORKED on Labor Day! Ok, I feel better…

This might be my favorite purchase in a long time.  And it was only a dollar!  (Technically I didn’t purchase it–I stole it–ok, ok I didn’t steal it BK’s mom bought it for me!)

It’s amazing how much my mood actually changes when I have something to express it!  Generally though my mood is this:

I took the liberty of creating my own Little Miss/Mr. Men (apparently that’s what they’re called):

Do I have too much time on my hands?  Yes, yes I do.

They probably sniffed this spot for a good five minutes.  Sadie was pretty much making out with the fence trying to smell whatever it was. 

This angle makes Sadie look really little, and it makes me appear really tall (which I SO am, compared to the dogs)

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