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Meet my new obsession.  It’s name is Thai Treasures.  I can’t get enough of it.  In fact it’s almost making me have a gambling problem. The only downside is I only get to play it when I’m in Kansas City. 


It’s only betrayed me one time.  And that one time was this weekend.

I was going along winning and winning–a whole $35 thank you very much.  Then my sweet husband sat down next to me and started playing on the machine next to me.  He wasn’t doing great, so I thought I’d be nice and give up my machine for him to play. 


He wins $80 on the first click of a button.  I told him I got a cut of it but he REFUSED to give me any.  Luckily I have access to his wallet so I’ll get my cut one way or another!   

Speaking of good luck charms…



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…and put some new ones of cute dogs IN our heads. 

Life right now is boring, and I’m not complaining about that one bit.  I love boring but sometimes it’s, well, boring. 

I know not all of you have or even love dogs but I know you have kids and maybe you can help me with advice as if I’m talking about a kid.   A stupid, stubborn, brown-furred kid. 

Sadie has this new habit.  And it’s annoying.  She’ll scratch at the door to be let in.  We go to let her in and she runs away and grabs a ball.  Literally I spent an hour last night trying to get her in.  I finally had to go in the bedroom, flutter the blinds to create some intrigue and that finally got her to come in. 

This is what I’m faced with…



Little Lexi is just so good and runs right in…


I mean we will literally be running around the backyard with a golf club (Not to beat but to wrangle) and she’ll just run around like it’s a game…any advice?  Please!  

By the way click on that link on the side–the Bissell one and vote for Sadie.  Because if anyone deserves to represent shedding–it’s Sadie!

Also, I’m just going to post these pictures of Lexi. Because I love her.


Ferocious, I know.


I wonder what’s driving her so crazy??



Sorry for ANOTHER Lexi hiney shot. She just can’t keep her tail down.

And what was driving my little baby crazy??


A pigeon…a stupid pigeon…

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I’m celebrating SITSmas Day today.  I’ll write a “real” post under this one but I thought I’d participate since most of my bloggy pals are from SITS!  If you don’t know about this place it’s great and it is such a supportive environment!  And they’re giving away a $200 Target gift card!  You know my love for Target!  Now onto my Christmas poem…well, it’s not really a poem–more a song.  It may touch some people’s hearts more than others:


“…It’s a wonderful feeling
Feel the love in the room
From the floor to the ceiling
It’s that time of year
Christmas time is here
And with the blessings from above
God sends you his love
And everything’s okay
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays…”



That’s about as Christmasy as I can get at the moment.  But don’t the dogs just totally look in the spirit!  It only took a handful of cheese popcorn and some dog “cookies” to get them to pose like this…and that’s as good as it got.  Anyways, going to give some linky love out and I’m not going to feel guilty about leaving anyone out–go to the Blogroll and 90% of them are SITS girls! 

Nanny Goats in Panties




Musings of the Mindless Banterer

Honestly, my whole blog roll is great so go visit them all! I just picked the fine blogs above at random–but I do love them dearly! 


I’m not asking my sister-in-law or my cousin-in-law (is there such a thing?!) if I can post their picture.  I just am doing it and I’ll deal with the reprecussions later.  And it’s what they get for messing with my camera…

I don’t think I’m ugly by any means but these two are just beautiful–All of the women in Brian’s family are beautiful–mother, grandmothers, sisters, cousins, aunts–you name it.  And to make it THAT much worse they’re all extremely great people on the inside too!  It makes me hate them that much more (and when I say “hate” I mean “love”)

img_0752Ok, that’s the sister-in-law on the left, cousin-in-law in the middle, and that bump on a log on the right is me…

…And look how cute the mother-in-law is ice skating (don’t get mad at me for posting a picture of you!)


It’s torture I tell you–TORTURE! But I get over it because I LOVE hanging out with them! 

Speaking of torture…look at this Christmas decoration–I think this is supposed to be Santa…


I don’t think I’ve seen anything that creepy.  He sort of looks like a real person only dead and posed in that position.  Sorry if this gives you nightmares–eeks I’ve got to stop looking at it!

Did I mention it snowed in Kansas City the day we left?  It was pretty–mainly because I was leaving and didn’t have to deal with it!


Have a GREAT Tuesday everyone!!!

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My plan yesterday backfired on so many levels.  I was going to go out meet some new blogger friends and embrace the freedom of a day off by watching movies and perusing blogs.  Well let’s see what all happened–the wireless didn’t work and there was no WAY I was going to sit and stare at a desktop all day in an uncomfortable computer chair. Especially when the lure of a la-z-boy was right in front of my face.  Then it turns out on top of babysitting my mother I had to babysit Floyd.  Floyd the puppy can’t stay outside by himself because he’s afraid to be left.   He’s such a baby.  Also my mom kept trying to undo the straps I had to hold her down so she wouldn’t move.   So needless to say instead of visiting hundreds of people today I visited NONE. 

My mom’s surgery went great!  I appreciate all of the well wishes to her and I will certainly pass them along as soon as she’s with it enough to understand again what a blog is.  I didn’t get to keep the tumor and the doctor didn’t even have the courtesy to ask if I wanted it.  These people have no sentimental value!

*This would be where I would find a google image of a tumor to put in here but I looked and I almost vomitted.  Do NOT go looking for pictures of tumors unless you have an iron stomach.*


So I have to tell you about this really annoying guy in the waiting room.  He was accompanying a lady–I don’t think they were married.  They were probably in their 80’s I’d say.  I was enjoying my Martha Stewart Living magazine in the peace and quiet until this guy started in. 

“It is just SO quiet in here.  No one is talking or saying a word.  Well, I guess I’m talking…” 

You have to picture that there’s a total of two people other than him in the waiting room and we’re sitting on opposite ends of the waiting room.  I think he was waiting for one of us to look up at him and smile–but instead of being funny he was just really, REALLY annoying. 

You people wonder why I call the dogs tumors–look at the evil looks they give me. 


Throw my ball or DIE!”


“Let me out or I’ll take YOU out…”

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Last night I finally had time to catch up on some DVR action.  I’m trying to clear it out to gear up for the 7 hour Ghost Hunters Live Hunt!  I know–I’m totally awesome and my Halloween is going to be WAY more fun than yours.  I decided to watch the shows that I’m not allowed to watch when the hubby’s home.  He absolutely HATES medical shows and can’t watch anything pertaining to any type of medical abnormality or weird diagnosis.  He automatically assumes he has the disease and then he gets paranoid and annoying.  I guess some might call him a hypochondriac. 

I finally got to watch the documentary on The Tree Man.  I don’t know if you all have heard about him but it is a man who has warts that grow and grow and grow and they end up looking like tree roots.  Here’s a picture of him (if you’re easily squeamish turn away):

I feel so bad for him.  I was thinking last night as I watched this–I guess being ten pounds overweight isn’t so bad after all.  He seemed like a nice enough man.  The main reason he wanted these off of him wasn’t because of people staring and talking about him it was because he wanted to make money to support his family.  Well this of course prompted a conversation with the hubby when he came home:

Me: So, what if I was like the tree man and had warts like that?

BK:  What do you mean?

Me:  I mean would you divorce me or could you stay with me?

BK:  Ummm…hmmm…Ye–no, I think I’d have to divorce you.  I would have the hardest time not just ripping those warts off of you. 

So, Sadie woke me up this morning clawing at the bedroom door.  I let her out in the living room and just sat there and she panted and panted and panted right in my face.  I told her to buzz off and she did.  And then she peed–all over the spare bedroom floor.  And when I say all over I mean it was a puddle the size of the Atlantic Ocean.  Only it didn’t smell like ocean water–it smelled like cheerios…

Yeah, that’s what she gets for peeing on the floor–a picture with her eyes closed!  PAYBACK!

Can you tell I was holding her precious stick?

Lexi can do no wrong…she’s perfect…

except five minutes after this pic was taken she tried to kill a rottweiler outside the fence. 


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I hate it when I’m at work and I actually have to do work. It’s such a drag…

And this post is so disjointed–much like I’m feeling today!

Does anyone else watch The Biggest Loser?  First of all–don’t get me started with the Blue team.  I love Bob but his team is annoying.  My main reason for bringing up Biggest Loser though is their horrible, awful product placement.  I don’t think it could possibly get more OBVIOUS.  It drives me crazy.  And the worst ones they do is for Extra.  Let me tell you when I’m starving for a snack the first thing I think of is GUM.  Give me a break…(give me a break.  Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar! Yeah that’s what I really want when I’m hungry!  A Kit Kat bar!)

Good news-I found the advent calendar online! 

Target Advent Calendar!

I’m going to go with the Target gift card and whoever wants to use it to buy the advent calendar can buy it online!  I’ll do that contest next week so gear up! 

It’s really too bad I don’t get paid by all of these people that I’ve mentioned in the last few days.  You know I really LOVE Mercedes and Apple computers and Manolo Blahniks (did I even spell that right?! ha)

Does anyone else have trouble spelling simple names.  I can never remember how to spell Jonathan (is it an “a” or an “o”) or Jennifer (one or two “n’s” one or two “f’s”?).  Such a tough day I’m having…

Since you all missed them yesterday, without further ado, THE PUPS!

Contrast Spring Afternoons:

With Fall Mornings:

Is it just me or is Sadie laying on the attitude a little thick in this picture?

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Went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday.  You would think by going to a pumpkin patch I would end up with a bunch of pictures of pumpkins.  Not the case here–in fact I don’t think I have ONE picture of a pumpkin.  Not even the pathetic excuses of pumpkins I came home with.  It’s sort of sucky going the weekend before Halloween.  Not a huge selection of pumpkins.  I don’t know if I’ve said the word pumpkin enough…pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin.  Needless to say ours were GREEN.  I think they were trying to pull them off as “designer” pumpkins but I’m pretty sure they were just pumpkins that were pulled to early.  It was either a green pumpkin or one that was oozing some sort pumpkin blood. 

But I digress…ON WITH THE SHOW!

First up–hay turkey. This is the point where the boys were saying “OH MY GOSH do we have to take pictures of EVERYTHING?!”  And as pictured below–yes, yes we did…

Next the Corn Maze (or is it Corn Maize–haha I crack myself up!)

Clearly having trouble getting through it…

Luckily, we opened our mouths wide enough and found the way…

Still mouth is wide open.  And yes I’m wearing sweatpants–I always wear sweatpants even if jeans are more socially acceptable.

And the boys slowly made their way…

Next up-HAY BALES!

I have to be honest here–the hay bale kind of blended in with the ground and I thought my husband had turned into a giant.  I mean look at him compared to that little old lady behind him.  He’s huge!

If you look closely at that kids face he was SO jealous of the air I got in that jump.  Either that or he was wondering how someone that old could act so immature. 

Yeah, sweatpants and hay don’t mesh well together. 

Finally, we spent a lot of time with the animals…

There’s goats…

And future goat fries.

And Wilbur…

My husband, the Sheep Whisperer

And finally, this scary guy…

I think he’s an alpaca (I’m sure you all know!) but he didn’t look happy and he looked like he was going to spit at me so naturally I took a picture and ran.

But now I have an IMPORTANT question–if I could not find the advent calendar to give away would a Target gift card suffice?!  My husband said that it is not nearly as good as an advent calendar but I have to disagree–I mean not EVERYONE even celebrates Christmas!  Give me some feedback please!

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