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Sadie Sitting…

My precious Sadie, the chocolate labrador/cat hybrid, is definitely the super model out of the two dogs.  She actual works with me when I have a camera in my hand as opposed to Lexi who runs in the other direction.  Lexi doesn’t have the body to be a model anyway. 

The other day I was taking pictures of Sadie and she looked so stoic and proud.

Have you seen a more proud dog? I think she had just got done beating the snot out of her sister, Lexi. 

Ok, she looks a little daffy in this picture.  But still, prideful eyes.  It’s sort of the opposite of Tyra’s “Smile with your eyes.” Have pride in your eyes. (I should probably trademark that.)

Stoic. Proud. Pompous. Overconfident.  Those are a few words to describe her in life and in this picture.

Although, I don’t think the background fits this attitude. 

Let me make an adjustment.

Cause she’s proud…Proud to be an American, where at least she knows she’s free. (Everybody sing) And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me. And I proudly STAND UP next to you…

Ok, sorry. I’m done.

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By R. Kelly





She tolerates life most days.  And she wasn’t “trapped” in the closet.  She was hiding avoiding the horrible ear cleaning.  If dogs only knew that we were trying to HELP them!  Sadie had so much wax that one of LEXI’S hairs got stuck in her ear.

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I’ll tell you what’s awesome. Well first it would be awesome if I used the correct punctuation in my title–hello question mark!

But the second most awesome thing is when your sweet, cute, fat dog named Lexi decides to bite a house guest.


(Doesn’t she look like a monster?)

Poor John (house guest) chose the wrong time to walk in front of her.  Just like a crocodile she struck.  Luckily she didn’t draw blood.  She spent most of the rest of the weekend sucking up to John, me and the hubby to try to win us over.  

I’m not really sure how to react to her biting someone.  It’s like finding out your kid bit another kid in the nursery. (Ok, that’s a true story–when I was a baby I got bit in the back by another baby in the nursery!  I think he was just flirting with me–I was such a cute baby!)  You can’t hold a grudge, but you can’t just ignore the fact that she bit someone.  DOG WHISPERER I NEED YOU!

Now this pup…


She was a perfect angel.  Other than the fact that her seat kept getting taken she enjoyed tolerated company. 

Maybe someday something will actually happen with a human being so I don’t have to write about my dogs EVERY TIME! 

 I actually have a really funny toilet story but it’s even too gross for me to write about.  We’ll just leave it at-the toilet wouldn’t flush in a public restroom so I had to take matters into my own hands…

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This is the look I get when I yell at Lexi to stop eating poop in the backyard.  And by eating poop in the backyard I mean poop that is literally falling out of her sister’s (Sadie’s) rear-end. 


I guess food tastes better the second time around.  Although I have to give her props–the other day she licked daddy’s face and I just hear, “OH YOU JUST ATE POOP DIDN’T YOU?!”

Now THIS is the look I get from Sadie when I am making a turkey trail to get her to come inside when I am ready for BED DANGIT!!  I should not have to lower myself to hiding behind a door, making a trail of lunch meat, and the minute she walks in through that door slam it behind her and scream, “IN YOUR FACE SUCKA!!” When I’m sure she’s thinking, “Hey, I’m the one eating turkey and treats right before bed–and you don’t eat after 9 is that right?  Yeah, you’re the SUCKA!”


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img_2039Scratched across the eye by Sadie’s talons. (By the way, the camera did a horrible job of capturing my injury.)  Also, can anyone recommend a good eye cream or a function in photoshop that gets rid of eye wrinkles.  Good heavens-a macro setting on a camera should NEVER be used to take pictures of a person’s face!  Especially when the only lighting you have is a hotel bathroom!

How could I ever, EVER stay mad at either of the darlings though?


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I Heart {Dog} Faces…


By popular demand my entry for the I Heart Faces contest is this one:



I’m pretty sure she was in the midst of rolling her eyes at me for taking yet ANOTHER picture!  But I love her in spite of her being a turd sometimes! 

 EDIT: Lexi didn’t make the cut! Maybe next Pet photo contest! Don’t tell her though!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something other than dog pictures to share. 


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I Need Help, Sort Of…

Have you heard of I Heart Faces?  It’s a wonderful photography blog.  It has great tips and a contest every week!  This week they’re including pet pictures and you know I have to get involved!  I can’t quite decide which one/ones to submit.  Give me your opinion please!


(Not dandruff, just snow!)





Maybe not the most intelligent looking picture but it’s cute!

The theme is “The eyes have it” so that’s why a majority of the pictures are just facial pictures.  Because we already know they both win in the “best bodies” category!

Update: I have to be honest that I’m having the most trouble because I feel like I am leaving one of the dogs out by not including them! How sad is that?  I’m pretty sure they won’t know…

By the way if you’re visiting from Dogmark–welcome and thanks for stopping by!  They selected me for their Cool Dog Site of the Day!


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SNOW DAY!  Well, it’s more like an ICE DAY.  But I’ll take it. Either way I didn’t have to go to work.  And the fact that there’s ice in Oklahoma, well it of course has become a state wide crisis. In fact it’s become a STATE of EMERGENCY.  Like I said, whatever gets me out of working for a day!  Needless to say I have SEVERAL pictures of my children to show you.  Here goes nothing…


Lexi sort of looks like a ghost dog


Sadie with her ball–of course.


A rare shot-Lexi in action!

Sadie running…nothing new there.


Lexi’s snow covered paws!


Lexi wasn’t too sure about the sleet.


Sadie was pretty much bitter in every picture. And she’s turning grayer by the day!


I think Sadie’s part Shiba Inu.  Do you think it’s worth $300 to find out?


Lexi fell into the Hollywood lifestyle. I found her with white powder all over her nose.

By the way, I got nominated for an Okie Blog award for Most Unusual Blog!  I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not but I’m just excited to be nominated!  I would link for everyone to go vote for me but you have to be an Oklahoma blogger to vote so I won’t waste everyone’s time. 


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People, I am better!  Thank goodness for the healing power of NyQuil–saved my life!  I really appreciate all the well wishes and they truly made me better!  Your kindness healed me…

I am hoping to be back to regularly scheduled programming this week but I’m done making empty promises.  I’ve betrayed you all too many times. 

I’m just going to share a few pictures with you from Friday night:


Starts out innocent (my husband’s eating fyi)


Sadie laying on the charm to get food…

Slowly losing patience…


“High fiving” dad…


“Kneading” dad. If she’s not getting food then he’s gonna pay.

This ladies and gentlemen is my biggest regret.  Somehow teaching Sadie to high five has turned into her ripping us to shreds if she doesn’t get what she wants.  She’s such a spoiled brat…


And Lexi says hi too. 

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This post will be full of pictures that you all probably don’t care about. I’m doing it for my own enjoyment and so when my dogs grow up they can look back at this post and remember what pesky dogs they were.  Oh dogs can’t read? Or recognize their own pictures? Hmmm…I don’t believe you!

I probably tried for 30 minutes with the husband to get the dogs to sit in front of the Christmas tree for five seconds so I could take a picture.  Did that happen?  Of course not–we all knew the answer to that! Here are the out takes:


Already starting off great considering one of the “dogs” happens to be my husband.



Mom had to get involved and as you see it’s going great…I love how I’m pointing to under the tree like the dogs have any idea as to what’s going on.



Bribing with cheese popcorn…I mean I would pretty much do ANYTHING for cheese popcorn.

This is about as close as it got to BOTH being somewhat close to under the tree.


I decided to try a different take on things.



APPARENTLY the dogs have a problem with wreaths around their necks…

So I tried one last thing…



A simple snowman prop.  A little tempting for both of them. 

Out of about fifty pictures I got three decent (and I use the term decent very loosely) pictures:


This is Sadie’s best–sad I know.


Lexi’s best–which is actually sort of comical.

And the winner for best group shot?


Lexi looks confused, Sadie is SUPER happy (look at that toothy grin!) and Frosty down there is cautiously optimistic…

ARE KIDS REALLY EASIER THAN DOGS?!  I could believe it after this fiasco!


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