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This is the last post on MyDogumentary!  Head on over to my NEW blog that should hopefully be more interesting since it’s soley about me. HA!


Thanks! And I’ll see ya’ there!

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I started a new blog. It’s called “I Love You, But…” If you follow me on Twitter you can stop reading because I’ve posted about it a couple of times already.

 It is really not set-up nice at all and since I have no actual web-developing knowledge it will probably remain that way until I can teach myself or I give up on it. 

Basically it’s a site where you can let it all out.  Say the things you’re dying to say to someone but just can’t. 

So head on over, there is a submissions page that you can submit your gripe anonymously.  As much as I like complaining about the people I love, it would be a lot more fun if others joined in!  And they can be as funny and non serious as you want!

Example: I love you, but…I’m sick of never getting a good shot of you because you are ALWAYS hiding from the camera. 

Or, I love you, but…your obsession with balls is going to be the end of me.

And don’t even get me started on examples of my husband.  Those could go on forever.  And I’m sure the same goes with him.

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The randomly selected winner to the Fur Fighter giveaway is Kait who absolutely LOVES summertime!  Congrats Kait! I will get ahold of you shortly and work out the details!  Another giveaway will happen soon!  Thanks to all who participated!

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I kind of wish today that I could surprise everyone with the news that I’m pregnant just to make the last post a little more ironic.  But (knock on wood) I’m not at this point!

Friday night my husband and I went to dinner at my parent’s house.  For some reason my parents feel they have to bribe us to come over to help with something.  My dad needed help in learning his new GPS golf unit thingy.  I do believe GPS golf unit thingy is the correct and technical term.  I could be wrong though.  The bribe of a fancy meal of pizza and breadsticks lured us over there.  We stayed for a couple of hours and talked about many things that I can’t even discuss here because of how politically incorrect they are. 

I think the best way to describe my dad is politically incorrect.  And I love him for it.  He’s not one to hide his emotion or his opinion on any topic ranging from Tiger Woods love life to MY love life.  Nothing is off-limits with him.  It takes a lot to shock him.  My husband usually leaves a lunch or dinner with my family shell-shocked with some of the topics of conversation. For some reason it is my dad’s goal in life to embarrass as many people in his path as he can.

As the door closed that night and we left I looked at Brian and said, “I bet you ANYTHING he just said ‘Gah, I thought they’d never leave.'” As we got in the car I gave them a quick buzz.  My mom answered and I said, “So, let me guess…he said ‘gah I thought they’d never leave.'”  She just started laughing and handed my father the phone. “How did you know I’d say that?” “I just know you, dad.” He was astounded that I actually knew him that well. 

I know him that well because I am him.  I have his eyes, his stubby fingers/toes, his road rage, his lack of patience, his humor, an ounce of his wit  And I couldn’t be more thankful that I am like him.  Although I could do without the body hair and the stubbiness.

Another thing we have in common: we both LOVE these girls to death!

I love this picture of Sadie.  It looks like she’s getting ready to take off!

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I’ll be back with regularly scheduled program sometime soon.  In the meantime here is my entry for I Heart Faces Pets!


Sadie got the entry last time so it’s Lexi’s turn!   She’s just so melancholy I love it!  And the wood floor is nice and clean as always…


Go check out iHeartFaces…it’s the best!

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I have been sleeping SO awful this week.  I don’t know if it’s daylight savings or reading or because I’m eating something that makes me not sleep.  It’s awful!  It doesn’t help that I’m having really weird dreams…last night?  I dreamt that I was at the mall with some old friends that I haven’t hung out with in years and we’re browsing in a shoe store.  Then a man walks in with a knife to his throat threatening to kill himself and everyone else (ok, not sure how that actually would work out haha).  Well somehow we got the security guards attention and they surrounded the store and I somehow escaped.  Then as I was running I turned around and the security guards were actually the BAD GUYS and were shooting everyone!  Somehow I escaped and then I woke up…how am I supposed to sleep with that kind of vision?!!

I feel the judgment from you all–“she’s so weird” “what kind of drugs is she on?!” I know I’m weird but I PROMISE I haven’t touched a drug!  I wonder what my dream means.  It’s probably my subconcious telling me to stop reading those Twilight books and get a life! haha

What’s the weirdest dream YOU have had? 

Ok, off that weird note–obviously I’m not thinking clearly–I’m wondering if Sadie slipped me some of her seizure medication!  She’s so devious she probably did…

Speaking of Sadie:

I think these pictures tell a story–


What is going on over there?


What the heck are YOU looking at?


I couldn’t hate you more than I do right now…

And then THIS picture of her–good grief!


There’s so much wrong with her here it’s not even funny.  She’s such a mess.  I think she hates the hardwood floors–just a guess though.

And I’m not going to name names but someone–SOMEONE ate not 1, not 2, but THREE bowls of food last night! 


Ok, I’m off to read a TON of blogs!  It will probably take all weekend but I will visit all of you!

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Good Grief…

For some reason my lovely friend Ginny decided to tag me to list six random facts that you may or may not know (or care) about me.  Here they go…

1.  I refuse to look at myself when I’m brushing my teeth.  I’m not sure where or why this started but I cannot look at myself directly in the mirror while brushing my teeth.  Normally I’ll just stand sideways until I’m done.

2. I didn’t get my license until I was 21 (or 22 I can’t remember).  I used to be terrified of driving and could not bring myself to get a license.  I guess it would be like being afraid of spiders or heights.  I’m over that fear but I still HATE driving and BK drives anywhere we go. 

3. I cannot stand jeans.  I wear them when I have to, otherwise it’s sweatpants.  I know, my husband’s so lucky!

4.  My mom ran over our 18 year old cat Sissy in the driveway in front of all of the children.  All of the kids were out playing, including some neighbor kids, and Sissy happened to be laying in an oil slick on the driveway.  Darkness + black cat + oil slick=dead cat.  We still give my mom a hard time and tell her she was just getting Sissy out of her misery.  She was a bit senile at the age of 18.

5.  Lettuce has a taste.  Everyone I talk to disagrees with me but I hate lettuce because it has a gross taste.  Everytime I tell someone that they say “You can’t taste lettuce.” I CAN TASTE LETTUCE!  Also, I pretty much hate any condiment out there.  My only condiment is white gravy. 

6.  When I was about 5 years old I had pneumonia so bad that I was in the hospital for about a week.  My white cell count (I think it was that) was so low that they thought I had leukemia.  Luckily I did not and I was released a couple of days later.  Funny little aside to that–I told my dad that I didn’t feel good at all and that I was hot (this was before I made it to the hospital) and he told me it “was just a little cold…”  Finally when my mom saw I had a 105 degree fever it was time to go to the hospital.

Ok, that’s all.  Not very interesting but I HAD to do it.  Ok now it’s my turn to tag people…I tag The Pioneer Woman, Dooce, and The Bloggess.  Hehehe—I’m KIDDING.  I’m not tagging anyone.  You’re welcome!

This morning was so nice!  I could actually see my breath when I first went outside!  The dogs LOVE this time of year!  Emily, here’s some pictures of the dogs for Cason!

I’ve found Lexi’s best angle!  She looks thin in this pic!

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Homemade card for my dad…I don’t think it needs an explanation…This fits into the “Wawesome” category I was reffering to yesterday






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Melting Pot…

Ever since this morning when I woke up (at 5:45!! yuck) I have had random thoughts go through my brain…I’m sharing some of them now and I’m sure I’ll update throughout the day.  They’re pretty deep so you may not want to take it all in at once…

  • I’m a little upset that China did not consider the people in the US when scheduling times for events/Opening Ceremony.  I was excited about the Games but considering I am going to know the outcome of everything before I see it on television it’s going to be a little anti-climatic.  I don’t care if that means precious Michael Phelps has to swim at 3:00am, I want it to be on MY time not China’s time.
  • You know I was walking down the sidewalk at work today and there were some guys doing construction work.  I have to say I take offense when I don’t get ogled.  I would never consider my self hot or worthy of it but COME ON a girl needs a little help with her self-esteem.
  • I have been having a really hard time today with wedgies, keepin’ it real folks.  There is not a corner in my office that I have not hid in to go digging. 
  • I found a pen the other day on the floor, somehow it ended up in my mouth today. If I’m dead or lay stricken by some rare disease by the end of today retrieve the Marriott pen off my desk please…
  • People leave me comments on this site, I LOVE THAT, it again helps my self esteem.  However I don’t know what the blogiquette is on that.  Am I supposed to respond on this site?  Their site?  Email them?  I’m so new to this help me please!
  • You know it’s time to mow the lawn when you’ve lost your dog in the grass…

  • If you want a good laxative eat Taco Bell around 9pm then wake up and go jogging at about 6am.

Folks, it’s only half way through the day, there’s going to be a lot more where that came from…

*UPDATE* Okay so this isn’t so much of a thought as an occurrence that happened on my way back from lunch.  This lovely gentleman was in a huge hurry.  He HAD to turn left and was behind me so he decided to honk because the cars coming in the opposite direction obviously were transparent and I could drive right through them.  So I turned and waited for him to pull up next to me so I could give him a sweet wave. Well, the guy did not have the cojones to drive up beside me.  He was in such a hurry to turn left yet when he turned left he went like 5 below the speed limit to avoid me…I really hate people…

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Tar Heel…

My husband hates the bottoms of my feet.  To him they are always dirty and he will never let me rub them on his face like I want to.  This morning he had the audacity to accuse me (and my dirty foot) of leaving a dirt mark in the shower. (Why this mattered I don’t know)  He actually took time out of his morning to see if it was in fact a heel mark and then he MADE me put my heel over it to see if it matched up.  I’m surprised Gil Grissom wasn’t in our bathroom taking prints and doing a mold of my heel.  Needless to say my heel did in fact line up with it and I kindly told him to suck it.  I politely leaned in to give him a kiss and when he went in for it I blew my morning breath right in his nose…Next time he should just keep his mouth shut.

I think I have the worst possible Ipod playlist on earth.  As I was jogging this morning I realized how bad it really was.  It’s sort of hard to get into a groove of running when you’re shuffling through hundreds of crappy songs to try to find one good one.  I know Pachabel’s Canon in D has a great beat but it’s not really running material.  Any suggestions on good songs to download?

I think I saw the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen Lexi and Sadie do.  I was on the phone with my mother and Burger King was playing PS2 (*SHOCKING*), Lexi was laying down and Sadie was just licking her head.  More than likely Lexi just had something tasty on her head but it still looked sweet…of course, no picture…grrrrr…

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